Japanese Kit Kat (キットカット)

Kit Kat is a few of my guilty pleasures. It’s one what I would label my “on-hand-chocolate” in moments when I’m in need of a sugar fix. Of course, the usual Kit Kat flavor I get to buy is the classic milk chocolate, and on few occasions,  I also get to try dark chocolate and white chocolate. However, there are a whole lot more of flavors to choose from — except that they are mostly made and found in Japan. Why am I not surprised?


So in spite of it being a UK brand, apparently Japan is the only country known to produce a variety of flavored Kit Kat (sometimes bordering on the weird). Wasabi anyone? (Yes there’s a wasabi-flavored one. I’ll get back to you on that later). Anyway, I’m baffled on Japan’s reason for putting particular attention to flavored Kit Kats until I learned why…

FUN FACT: During the exam season the superstitious nature of the Japanese becomes apparent. In fact, you will find various lucky charms being sold at this time. The most popular are charms purchased from a shrine or temple. However, the Kit Kat (a chocolate bar) is also famous. Why? The Japanese pronounce it as, “Kitto Katto.” It sounds like “kitto katsu” which means, “You will surely win.” Parents often buy Kit Kats for their children for exam days. It is just a fun play on words, but if it makes them feel better why not! (Source)

So I guess that explained it! Now let me share some of the Kit Kat flavors I’ve tasted so far. 🙂

Green Tea
Green Tea

Green Tea. The flavor that inspired me to buy flavored Kit Kat online. I’ve read a lot of positive comments about this particular Kit Kat, and I must say, I’m intrigued. Anyway, it wasn’t as great as I was expecting but it was sure nice to eat. It didn’t taste like green tea though. Instead, it tasted like pandan-flavored Stik-O (a wafer stick snack in the Philippines), which is actually a favorite of mine, so no biggie! 🙂

Cookies & Cream
Cookies & Cream

Cookies & Cream. Bought this because you can never go wrong with this flavor. It’s a constant favorite of mine, and it’s a flavor I won’t say No to. That being said, this Kit Kat does look like what you would expect a Cookies & Cream chocolate to look like. However, it tasted more like vanilla-flavored wafer.

Cinnamon Cookie
Cinnamon Cookie

Cinnamon Cookie. Being that I have no understanding of Katakana, Hiragana and the scary Kanji, I had no idea what this flavor was when I first ate it. For me, it tasted like cinnamon, and I was right because when I looked it up online, it showed me a picture of it with its flavor name… in ENGLISH! 🙂


Orange. I surprisingly like this one, and it does have that orange taste to it.


Wasabi. If I’ve known this was wasabi-flavored, then I would have eaten it last, but since I had no idea, I just ate it. Well, I still have no clue how to describe its taste, but it definitely didn’t taste like wasabi. In fact, I actually like it. Maybe I should try that wasabi-flavored mochi now. LOL! 🙂

Hot Japanese Chili
Hot Japanese Chili

Hot Japanese Chili. Ok this one, I just ate. Another chocolate mystery since I, again, have zero idea what it was at first. The drawing in the picture didn’t exactly help — I kinda thought it must be a banana. LOL! Anyhow, it did give off that tasty feeling of spiciness — a minty aftertaste but doesn’t exactly taste like mint if you get what I’m saying.  Oh well, It’s a baffling kit kat. I don’t hate it — I think.

So far, above are the ones I’ve tasted just yet. I still have a few more other flavors to check out in my Kit Kat box. 🙂

Still for tasting. :)
Still for tasting. 🙂

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