Shopping Online

Lately, I’ve been buying more clothes online than I would inside malls, and believe me when I say you can find me inside a mall at least 3 times a week — our work is only a few meters away, and it’s where my colleagues and I go for lunch during our breaks. My colleagues are most probably wondering why I’m not joining during their shopping sprees, but it seems that every time my colleagues’ shop, I just don’t have the same urge to do so. And even if I do find something I really like, it happens to be expensive, and I end up buying nothing.

Since when did shopping become this frustrating?

Anyway, it’s a different story with online shopping. I find that shopping online makes it easier for me to see specific pieces or items I like, and at a much affordable price — special thanks to Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

For the most part, I enjoy the task of browsing through pictures of items that are for sale. Looking at pretty pictures of clothes and shoes is akin to a buffet for my hungry eyes. Of course, there’s always a risk when shopping online, I do make sure that I’m doing transactions with a legit seller, and not some bogus person who is out to swindle me with my hard-earned money. Thankfully, my online shopping experience so far has been anything but smooth and fun! 🙂

Next month, I’ll be receiving new items I ordered online again — a kimono jacket (which I’ve been having a hard time finding in malls around here), a flowy maxi skirt, and burgundy-colored wedge shoes. I’m excited!

How I love shopping online!


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