L’Occitane Holiday Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, Miss Karen of clumsychic, in collaboration with L’Occitane, had a holiday giveaway for interested participants. The prize, of course, were L’Occitane products. Yay!

Mechanics of the giveaway was simple, head over to Ms. Karen’s IG account @clumsyandchic, repost L’Occitane photos marked as a giveaway by Ms. Karen, put the Hashtag #JustForYou, and tag your special someone in the comments below said photo. Simple right?

Trying my hand on luck, I reposted two of the photos she posted on her IG.

L'Occitane Aromachologie
L’Occitane Aromachologie
L'occitane's Verveine Collection
L’occitane’s Verveine Collection

If I remember correctly, she posted at least 4 photos, each with a different set reserved for that special someone. Of course, it’s totally up to you if you want to give it as a gift or if you prefer to have it all to yourself, but with Christmas just around the corner, these are definitely perfect gifts for family and friends. I’ve especially chosen above products because my mom does deserve a little or a lot of relaxation being such a hardworking mom. Also, my best friend does like lemony scents, so the Verveine products would be perfect for her.

Considering that my dad will be having his vacation to the Philippines on the 24th, if I win any of them, it would be one less thing to worry about what to give them and they’ll be able to receive my gift right on time for Christmas.


And so on the 7th of December, winners of the giveaway were announced. I was pretty disappointed that I wasn’t able to come on the event since it clashed with my work schedule, not to mention that my work ends at 8pm. Work does hinder me from attending events I wish I could be a part of. Anyway, I have no idea who won that day until I received this message…

DM from @clumsyandchic
DM from @clumsyandchic

This is the second time, in a matter of weeks, that I got lucky in draws. Anyway, my best friend was excited when I told her the news. As for my mom, she was just as happy that I won, but asked me to buy her 2 bottles of Jergens lotion, a bottle of olive oil and pistachios instead.


Verveine Collection (left to right): Shower Gel, Salt Scrub, Body Lotion.
Verveine Collection (left to right): Shower Gel, Salt Scrub, Body Lotion.


I love lipsticks. Of all makeup products, lipsticks are hands down my favorite. It’s one of those things I wouldn’t mind splurging on, especially if there is a particular color or brand I’m currently obsessing on. From mattes to cremes, to shimmers and liquid types, it doesn’t matter, for I will add them all to my collection once they struck my fancy.

I was curious when I first heard of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit Collection. There were many good reviews as opposed to negative ones about her lip kits from vloggers I follow on youtube. The swatches I have seen practically made my eyes dance out of their sockets. The colors are so pretty, and I was, for the most part, drawn to the colors Candy K (though I’m not sure if it would look good on me), Dolce K, Posie K, and Mary Jo K.

For months, I found myself visiting her website about a gazillion times and noticing that all her lip kits are always sold out –  these kits just go poof like crazy! Anyway, I was delighted when Kylie finally started producing MORE kits that would last for days and not disappear overnight.

And so, I finally got to order Kylie’s lip kits – and I’ve gotten three of them!


I was still undecided with Candy K no matter how much I like it … unsure of how it would go with my skin tone, so instead I ordered Kristen. Kristen was newly released at that time, and it is a pretty warm brown berry shade which I didn’t have yet. Of course, I also ordered two of my original favorites, Posie K and Mary Jo K.

Yes. I was trying to be cute with the heart swatches. :D
Yes. I was trying to be cute with the heart swatches. 😀

And here are my thoughts (both pros and cons) after personally trying them on.

  • I was not disappointed with the colors. I really love them.
  • They are not patchy and are transfer proof. Mary Jo K and Kristen can smudge if you rub at it, but only if you press hard. It’s harder to do that with Posie K.
  • They are long-wearing as claimed until, of course, you start eating oily foods. Still, they do stay on your lips for a long time. Also, they last longer if you use it together with the lip liner instead of just using just one of them.
  • They are very light on the lips which I like so much. I don’t want sticky ones or those that leaves a thick sensation on the lips, so this is a thumbs up.
  • The lip liner glides so well on the lips. They’re very creamy. I think the downside is that you can finish it up quickly, plus it’s not retractable, so you need a sharpener for it.
  • Among the 3 shades, Mary Jo K dries the fastest after applying.
  • The lip kits can be drying if your lips are not properly moisturized. Lip lines get more prominent so better to moisturize before use. Though Kristen felt more drying on my lips as compared with Posie K and Mary Jo K.
  • I sadly didn’t like the smell. I don’t mind scented lipsticks but this is something I would describe as sickly sweet, and I sometimes feel nauseated when I put them on. I’m trying to get used to it though since I really like them.
  • You don’t need to put on too much since it’s very pigmented. One tube would probably last a year (or two? :D) depending on how much you use it.
  • Posie K is my #1 so far. 😀


And those are my thoughts on the 3 Kylie Lip Kit shades I have. I’m supposed to give two of the lip kits to my sisters who are in the Philippines. But I wonder when I can give it to them. I’ll probably just reorder again and have it sent directly to our home address. That would probably be better. I’ll just use these kits all to myself then. LoL! 😀

Shopping Solo in a Sea of Sale!

I am no huge shopper, and unlike Becky Bloomwood, I have no confessions to being a shopaholic; however, I do love to shop when an opportunity like “SALE” arises. I’m not precisely a cheapskate, but I do love a great bargain, and last Friday when I went to Landmark Mall, I was able to find a piece of clothing I wanted to buy for a very very good price! 🙂

Due to the coming Ramadan, a lot of shops from different Malls in the country started hanging SALE signs. It’s been two weeks since it started, and my cousin, who is working at Landmark Mall, won’t stop going on and on about how cheap the prices have become and how long the queue was at Victoria’s Secret shop. Really! It can be quite insane in malls during a time like this. So during my day off, I finally decided to visit Landmark Mall to check out and see if I can find a denim jacket I could pair up with my Forever21 dress.

FOREVER21 Cutout Batik Dress Errr... just don't mind me in the middle. I look horrible in dressing rooms. :p
FOREVER21 Cutout Batik Dress
Errr… just don’t mind me in the middle. I look horrible in dressing rooms. :p

I bought the dress a week earlier (I think) in a different mall, and I was thinking of layering it up with a denim jacket which I don’t have. Why a denim jacket and not a cute cardigan or a vest? 3 reasons: One, I could still use the jacket during winter here in Qatar. Two, I no longer have a denim jacket. Three, I think it’s a timeless clothing item and that everybody should have one in their closet. 🙂

So off I go to Landmark Mall all by my lonesome to check out all my favorite shops (even the ones that weren’t on Sale).  Oh, the things I wanted to buy is overwhelming I don’t think the content of my wallet can handle it. LOL! Needless to say, I ended up buying a few things that weren’t exactly planned, but thankfully, I was able to buy a denim jacket I wanted first before anything else.

Denim Blue Jacket by Jennyfer
Denim Blue Jacket by Jennyfer

I found this denim jacket in a shop named Jennyfer. I have bought some clothes there before and when I found out they were on Sale… well you know what happened.  It’s a simple acid wash denim jacket that ends just right at my waist. So I bought this item for only 59QR (Qatar riyals) or 16USD. Its original price costs 215QR (59USD). Quite a great bargain right? 🙂

Having already bought the main item I want for a low price, I felt motivated to buy a few more…

Black mini sweat shorts (Jennyfer), Slate Blue Brassiere (Yamamay)
Black mini sweat shorts (Jennyfer), Slate Blue Brassiere (Yamamay), Peppermint Cooling Foot Rescue Treatment (Body Shop)

I added a pair of mini sweat shorts from Jennyfer which only cost me 29QR or 8USD (Original price is 49QR or 13.5USD).  A slate blue-colored brassiere from Yamamay that costs me 31QR and that was less than half of the original price. Also,  I added a Peppermint Cooling Lotion (not on sale) in my shopping bag as a treat for my tired and aching foot.

All in all, I only spent approximately169QR for all these items, which if it weren’t for the sale, would basically cost me almost 500QR. So happy! 🙂

On a side note, I went to Stradivarius, which is one of my good-places-to-shop-for-jeans here in Qatar, and like always, it didn’t disappoint. I was able to find this cute pair of ripped jeans in a lighter shade of turquoise. I tried them on for size, and it fits just right. I won’t even need to have it repaired to fit my short legs.


Unfortunately, a bit of my happiness dwindled for the pair is not on sale. Though I could still use my credit card to buy it, I preferred not to. Will just have to wait for payday before I can get my hands on this pair. Hopefully, they are still available. *fingers-crossed*

Ingenuities I love

Yesterday I had the task of coloring a friend’s hair. She already had quite a number of white hairs on her head and wanted to have her hair colored before she goes back to the Philippines. I wanted to have my hair colored as well, but not to cover any white hairs, but more to acquire a new look. More than 20 years of sporting jet-black hair can be tiresome you know… at least for me. Anyway, to get straight to the point, the conversation led me to this topic.

So what are these great discoveries that won me over?


Naturally, I would describe my hair as thick with a bit of a slight wave and quite unmanageable most of the time. I remember always wearing ponytails during my high school days, because I find my hair too big on my head, which was made twice worse due to my small face.

So imagine my delight when hair rebonding was introduced in the Philippines. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it immediately, for it was very expensive the first few years. I was only able to get my first ever hair rebond when I was in my 3rd year in college. And since then, my hair has never been the same again.

Me 3 years ago!
Me 3 years ago!

NOTE: I would have posted a before/after pics except I don’t have any before pics with me. LOL!


During times when I can’t afford to have my hair rebonded, as it is expensive and not always practical, a hair straightening iron is heaven sent.

My current hair straightener
My current hair straightener

I have not used my hair straightener for almost a year now. Basically because I got my hair rebonded last year. 🙂


Ok normally I would be embarrassed talking about this, but I have accepted the fact that I’m not endowed with eye-popping chests. However, that doesn’t stop me from at least trying to make them look real nice in cute and pretty-looking bras. Truthfully, my discovery of padded and push-up bras was a fascinating experience. I remember having used very thick padded ones for a few years before I realized my deceitfulness. Hahaha!

Anyway, what I’m saying is, I’m now using ones that are just perfect for me.

NOTE: No I’m not going to put a picture of my bra here. No sireee! 🙂


For those who didn’t know (seriously?), yakult is a probiotic milk-like drink that is mixed with a special strain of the bacterium Lactobacillus casei Shirota. I’ve been drinking this one since I was 5 years-old and I remember always waiting in the afternoons for the “yakult lady” to pass by our house so I could ask my mom to buy one for me.

More than a decade later, I still can’t get enough of this one.



Hmm… this is kind of a no-brainer. Do I really have to explain?


Two items you will always see inside my bag. I don’t have naturally red lips and I do look like I’m sick or pale when I’m not wearing them, so I at least need one or the other in my make up kit. I love the glow it adds to my appearance when I wear any of the two, so they are definitely an invention I am grateful for.

Godiva Lip Balm, Labello Lip Gloss, Revlon LIpstick, Avon Lipstick, No.7 Lipstick
Godiva Lip Balm, Labello Lip Gloss, Revlon LIpstick, Avon Lipstick, No.7 Lipstick

So there you have it, great inventions that won me over. There are lots more I could add, but since these six are the ones on top of my head right now then I’m sticking with these. So what’s yours?

5 Closet Items I Currently Love

I don’t consider myself a fashionista. My choice of clothing varies a lot and may depend on the occasion or the kind of mood I’m in. I can go from just wearing t-shirt and jeans to something more photoshoot worthy. Nowadays my everyday look is my white nurse uniform which I wear to work 6 times in a week, but in our day-off during Fridays, if I ever feel like it, I go out and wear something nice for a change (not that I consider my uniform terrible. hahaha!). In those days, where I practically put more effort into achieving the look I want, there are some items I would be wearing that gets noticed or complimented on. Usually, I would be asked where I bought them. Anyhow, below are some of the items that I wore here in Qatar that took a minute of celebrity fame from the public.



When I came here in Qatar last October 2011, winter is almost at its door. The air was no longer humid but was already taking on a more refreshing breeze. Because of that, this top became my favorite item to wear, especially when going to places like Katara and Pearl Qatar or when fine-dining with family. I bought this in a boutique named GET LAUD in the Philippines. The clothing material is thick enough for me to not feel much of the cold air at night but also not too thick for me to feel sweaty while the sun’s out. I mostly love combining it with my favorite skinny jeans and black wedges.

Here's me wearing it while we were sight-seeing at Pearl Qatar.
Here’s me wearing it while sight-seeing at Pearl Qatar with family.


20130330-004411.jpgI don’t have a lot of accessories especially here in Qatar. I probably was only able to bring my watch, a couple of earrings and some bangle bracelets and the one above. For me, the purpose of having accessories is to add something catchy or colorful in a plain-looking outfit or an uninteresting tee. Lately, I realized I had a lot of black and pink collared and plain t-shirts and that cuff bracelet is perfect enough to add a difference to my simple get-up.



I’ve only owned two boots in my life and both of them I bought and worn here in Qatar, but among the 2 of them, this one is my favorite. Not only does it get noticed a lot every time I wore them, but it also makes me feel chic and stylish. I originally wanted the khaki-colored ones, but unfortunately, nothing is left of my size, so I ended up buying this maroon one. I bought these pair at Marks & Spencer in Villagio Mall.



Imagine going to a store to window shop and accidentally found a pair of on-sale pants that is priced too cheap you have to look twice, ask a colleague if your seeing it right, and also ask the shop staff if they didn’t priced it wrong. These tie-dyed pants is an example of that. Bought at PULL & BEAR at an unbelievable price of 19QR (formerly 125), these pants for me is a perfect example of a great bargain!



The one that inspired me to write this post. Bought this at an online shop for 100QR last February, I finally got to wear them for the first time last Friday. It was cute and comfortable to wear. The softness of the material won’t leave unwanted calluses on your feet. Anyway, I was window shopping at Landmark Mall when 3 women in abaya came to me and complimented me on my shoes. They asked where I bought them and told them I bought them online. Of course, they were disappointed. They surely must have been expecting that I bought it somewhere in a mall.

So there you have it! The 5 items in my closet I currently love. So what do you think? 🙂