FEB Day 17 : What do I want to learn?

A lot of things really, but mostly I want to learn a new language. I guess right off the bat that’s what I first thought of among the long list of things I want to learn. There’s a certain fulfillment I get when I learn a new language or at least when I’m able to understand foreign words when I hear them. Just being able to pronounce languages correctly makes me proud of myself already. 😀

I remember, because I aim of going to Japan someday, how I tried to self-learn Nihongo and even bought a Japanese two-way dictionary containing different phrases for specific situations that you can use to properly communicate with the locals. And because I was watching a lot of jdoramas and anime at that time, it helped me in learning how to pronounce words as correctly as I can without much difficulty.

Now that I’m an expat here in Qatar, I did thought of learning at least basic Arabic. I admit it was very hard for me, since my heart was not fully into it, but knowing that I live here and my profession puts me in front of locals and the arab speaking community on a daily basis, I know that I should try harder to learn.

Anyway, I’m ending this post with this video.


FEB Day 16 : An important quote

As a sentimental person, I go “aawww” for inspirational quotes (or just quotes in general), I have a lot of it in my repertoire. I have this habit of collecting quotes that demonstrates my inner thoughts and feelings.

I can think of several (meaning A LOT!) quotes that I would love to share with you guys, but as this won’t be enough in one post, I’ll be sharing just this one quote (out of a hundred) that inspired me and in which I try my best to incorporate in my daily life.

“If you measure your success by someone’s failure, then you are also a failure. If you aim to be like someone else, then you are limiting yourself on what you can truly achieve. But if you aim to improve on what you have already achieved, I consider you a winner because winners always want to do well in what they do without limiting themselves.” —  Anonymous

I regret to say that I don’t have an inkling as to who quoted above citation. I’ve read this quote years ago, sometime in 2009 or 2010, and I’m baffled why the name of whoever said above statement was not included with it. Either there really was no name on it or I just copy-pasted the quote and forgot to include the source. I did try googling it before finishing this post, but so far there were two persons appearing on my search. I’ll update as soon as I’m positive who it was.

Anyway, the quote was pretty self-explanatory – forthright and very clear. In life, we do feel unwanted jealousy towards others success and we feel defeated at times, which I think is normal. But what’s not normal is when our feelings of defeat cloud our minds and we thought that other people’s failure is equivalent to an achievement of our own, which is funny because you didn’t really accomplish anything.

This is something I’ve mostly observed in the workplace where unwanted jealousy towards your peers can occur. When someone is getting more recognition than you are and howthat person’s “moment of failure” no matter how small makes you rejoice for some reason, thinking you’ve won or achieved something. It’s totally twisted thinking and only proves how more of a loser and undeserving of anything you really are.

Not all of us excel at everything so always aim to be a better version of who you are now and refrain from comparing yourself from others too much. We all have innate talents we and others can be proud of. Just work hard and be happy ❤

FEB Day 15 : The movie you tell your friends to see.

Ok, I’m stuck! As much as I love watching movies, there isn’t a particular “movie” that I feel the need to tell my friends to see because honestly we all happen to like the same type of movies and they almost always watch them before I even did.

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, White Chicks (if you’re looking for comedy), Star Wars Trilogy (I’m talking about IV, V, VI), Pirates of the Carribean, etc. – all these I would recommend to everyone.

However, If you’re going to ask me what movies that are “currently showing” in the cinemas that I would like my friends to watch (even if some of them already did) then I can name a few.

Return of Xander Cage xXx

Welcoming back Xander Cage! Donnie Yen’s fight scene kicks ass!

Resident Evil (Final Chapter) 

Giving me palpitations since 2002.

John Wick 2

Haven’t watched this yet actually, but I’m going to. 😀

Friends, please watch all these movies. Not only are they action-packed and have very cool fight scenes, but all three also have the very gorgeous Ruby Rose as well. And yes I’m promoting them because of Ruby Rose. Ha! ❤

FEB Day 14 : My Ideal Morning Routine

Today isn’t exactly day 14. I missed doing yesterday’s post so to compensate for that I’ll be doing two posts for today – yesterday’s post and today’s post.

My ideal morning routine is straightforwardly simple.

  1. To wake up at least two hours early than what I’m used to. Because I really move slow in the morning, I have to wake up earlier than usual to give myself more time to do everything I want and needed to do.
  2. Drink a glass of water. Ever since I’ve learned of the great benefits of drinking at least one glass of water upon waking up – rehydration, fuels the brain, fires metabolism, flushes out toxins etc, this is something I’ve already started doing every morning.
  3. Exercise or do yoga. I currently don’t do any sort of exercise so this is definitely an ideal morning routine.
  4. Prepare and eat a hefty and healthy breakfast. Again, that I also don’t do much in the morning. My normal routine basically was to wake up, drink water, brush teeth, take a bath and dress in my uniform (and other things that involves getting ready) and go straight to work. Skipping breakfast is already a habit.
  5. Morning shower. Always a must to start the day fresh.
  6. Stretch out on a corner and read a book. To end my ideal morning routine with a little bit of “me time” before doing everything else would be perfect.

And that ends Day 14’s post. ❤


This is why I wasn’t able to blog yesterday. I was busy admiring those flower balls.

FEB Day 13 : Do you work better in the morning or at night?

Hmmm… Actually I think I can be either. Mostly it would depend on my personal disposition at a particular day or night. Due to the weather, I am currently more of a night owl. Getting up in a cold weather is a challenging ordeal; it’s impossible to start the day bright. And if you haven’t notice lately, I only am able to blog during the night when I feel like my mind is more alert and blog-able. My brain is literally experiencing “brain freeze” because of the cold. Ha!

Funny! I think I’m an exhausted pigeon as well. 😀

Anyway, I found this interesting bit of information just right now. It kind of made me rethink my answer. Ha! 😀

Pisces girl – what even is sleep? 😀