BTS ‘Love Yourself’ HER and My Fangirl Feels

BTS (aka Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bangtan Boys, Beyond The Scene, Boys That Slay and all kick-ass names you can think of) finally dropped their much-anticipated music video last September 18, after months of pleasurable agony ARMYs have experienced along the wait. It was an exciting ride nonetheless; for BTS has been feeding ARMYs with tweets, posters, highlight reels days (and weeks) before their comeback.

I’ve yet to receive the album I’ve pre-ordered through their official site; however, I’ve finished listening to the full album as soon as it became available on iTunes. I just needed to hear it ASAP. Also, since my Korean is almost non-existent, I did took the effort to check out in Youtube the English subs and Romanization of each songs. So here I am now, wanting to share all my thoughts about the whole album.

But first, let me just get this out there… I FREAKIN’ LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!

BTS tracklist

Intro: Serendipity

ARMYs have already heard this song before the track list was dropped. Thanks to it being the INTRO for the album, a Comeback Trailer MV featuring Jimin was released on September 4.

It was the first time that someone from the vocal line was featured and I can’t help but think how perfect Jimin looked in the MV. The video itself was aesthetically pleasing to watch and adding Jimin, with his angelic blonde hair, makes everything more beautiful. The dominant yellow color and blue hues against the neutral backdrop is just too appealing for all my senses. Jimin’s voice fits the song perfectly.  It is a pretty chill and relaxing song and I’ve played it too many times to count. My favorite part of the song was where he sang 넌 내 푸른 곰팡이 (You are my blue mold/penicillin) at 1:14. The melody and Jimin’s voice is just overall perfection.


This is BTS’ Title Track and I was at work when the MV was released last September 18.

As a title track, it took me a few listens to really get down to it. I find the sound totally different from their previous releases, which I know isn’t a bad thing because they always try something new with every comeback and we have their albums to prove it, it kind of left me wondering the first time if it’s a good Title track or not. Don’t get me wrong, the song itself isn’t bad, it’s just me questioning if it was a great Title track. Nevertheless, I love all of V’s parts in this song (not that I am biased, but yes he’s my UB) and I really appreciate that he was singing in his natural voice. And Jin! We finally get to hear Jin sing more lines and have more solo shots in the MV. I’m pretty sure a lot of Jin stans are very happy.


The song they’ve collaborated with The Chainsmokers.

I find this collaboration a great success. Best of Me is a really good BTS song and you can definitely hear the influence of The Chainsmokers in the beats and melody as you listen to it. Though I’m not a huge fan of The Chainsmokers, they do have songs that I really love and made me look forward to a lot more of BTS’ collaborations with other artists. If this song is any indication, ARMYs would hear a lot more of great music from BTS.

DIMPLE (보조개)

Vocal Line in their element. Probably my favorite song from the vocal line second to House of Cards (because that song is just sexy af). The line distribution for this song is so satisfying and the song itself is very catchy. Of course, I can’t get over the fact that they’re able to create “illegirl” and use it in their lyrics – only BTS can do that.

That Dimple is illegal (ille-gal)

No, it’s dangerous, oh yes

So I call you illegirl (ille-gal)

You’re existence alone is a crime


Before I heard this song, I’ve already seen a lot of tweets saying that this was BTS’ diss song to ARMYs. Of course, dissing ARMYs is never a good idea unless you want to dig your own grave, but BTS is the only one who can diss ARMYs and get away unscathed. In fact, ARMYs find it so sweet and endearing that BTS would create such a song. Yes, I know… it’s weird and funny but cool for us ARMYs.

Anyway, after I’ve heard the song for myself and seen the lyrics, I don’t think it’s a diss song at all – it’s a SEDUCTION SONG! Don’t believe me? See these lines….

You’re not being punished

Come here, I’m your paradise

Can’t close your eyes (2x)

You can throw a fit but it’s no use (Don’t reject me)

Just close your eyes, tune your ears

And that is just a small part of the lyrics. Probably the reason why I’ve seen someone (fan of another group) who is trying her best to petition the banning of this song and BTS – I would love to post the receipt for this claim but I cannot find the tweet anymore. Will do a screenshot if ever it still exists because last I saw it, ARMYs are everywhere in the comment section.


The iconic speech of Bangtan’s great leader Kim Namjoon. Why am I not surprised that they’ve included this in the album? One of the things I love with BTS albums are the Skits and I must say that their Billboard moment is the perfect Skit to add in their new album. Pretty cool actually.


Now this is a BTS Song! I knew this song will be my jam the first time I heard it. I actually wished Mic Drop was the title track after hearing it – I was that in love with the song and I have not even seen the English lyrics yet. The song just gave me this visual image of a sexy Bangtan and with kick-ass choreography. Well, I wasn’t far off the mark on that one because in their first Comeback Stage they performed Mic Drop and it was LIT!!! I can’t stop (internally) screaming!!! It’s pure perfection – the outfits, the choreography, the stage, the camera works, the boys themselves! I knew MIC Drop is THAT song and I just can’t stop playing it!

Take note: this song also has the most perfect line distribution among the members.

고민보다 GO

Loosely translated as “Rather than worry, Go”, but mostly known as Go Go, is another one of those songs with a very catchy tune. The YOLO YOLO YOLO part sticks to you the same way it did for me with BST’s (Blood, Sweat and Tears) WONHE MANHI MANHI. I also adore its’ fun lyrics of spending earned money while still young and to just don’t worry too much and have fun. BTS also performed this song in their Comeback Stage and I was really caught by surprise by the choreography. I never expected it to be cute, fun and full of memes. This is like the 21st Century Girls of this album. I have a feeling that this would be the song they would do a Halloween dance version of and I just knew it would be full Bangtan fun!


If the vocal line has their own song, so does the Rap line. The song was co-produced by our genius Suga and is the perfect Outro for this album since the album is basically named HER. The song reminds me so much of the classic BTS sound – somewhat School Love Affair Era if I’m right, and I believe ARMYs who have been with BTS from the start would feel a little nostalgic with this classic tune.


So those are the main track list in the album. There are, of course, two hidden tracks that Rapmon mentioned and I’ve already heard both in Youtube. One was a Skit: Hesitation & Fear where BTS basically mentions they’re BBMAs win, they’re achievements, of how far they could go up and their fears of falling after reaching the top. It’s a very heartfelt conversation and I can’t help but admire them more. They are just so real to me and I never stanned a group as much as I do with BTS.

The next hidden track was called SEA and it has the most soothing melody I could fall asleep with it on repeat. It was produced by Rapmon and said to be inspired by Haruki Murakami’s “1Q84” (I feel the need to check that book out). It’s also another of BTS’ songs where I feel is very personal and real – I guess that’s what differentiates BTS with other idols I’ve admired. BTS songs just felt more personal for me. You know that they have a hand and a say in every song they release and that makes their music so relatable.


As a whole, this album is a 100% BOP! The vocal line shone bright in this album for me – Jin has the lines he deserves, Taehyung is no longer growling but is singing in his deep, natural voice, Jimin did the perfect Intro, and Jungkook is just overall the golden maknae that he is. Of course, I’m not going to forget the rap line because seriously they add the perfect spice to every song and are the embodiment of BTS’ sound.

After hearing the whole album, I also understood why they chose DNA as the Title track, despite me thinking that MIC Drop would have been a better choice – DNA just has that fresh sound that is really different from the rest of the songs. It’s a new and unique BTS sound and worthy of being the Title track on its own.


***Photo and Video credits to their owners***



I’m at it again. This unwanted feeling of monotonousness is making me numb. It occurs every year – like when something happens that make you fall into boredom’s abyss. At least that’s what I was feeling as of late, not that everybody knows that, but my complete lack of attentiveness on certain aspects of my daily life is telling me that I have to do something quick to break the state of ennui I’m in.

I haven’t post a blog in a while. I cannot seem to concentrate on a task properly and all I’ve done as of late was check out Netflix, watch random videos on youtube, and binge myself on Kpop. And you know what? Every time I’m on my Kpop/Jpop fix, it meant only one thing – my life’s excitement is at an all-time low and listening to Kpop/Jpop, which has always been my guilty pleasure, is my surefire refuge at moments like this.

For months, I’ve been wanting to read some of the books I’ve hoarded since last year, but to no avail. There was this book titled “Demian” by Hermann Hesse that I really wanted to read. I have the ebook already saved. The book piqued my interest after learning that the music video of one my favorite Kpop groups was inspired by this book. The MV itself was very fascinating. The thought that it was inspired by that book is definitely something I know I should check out. However, my current attention span is limited and I lose focus a lot. I’ve read the first few lines and I just can’t concentrate on it so I end up not continuing.

Anyway, I do have a lot of things I wanted to blog. My list is piling up and as time goes by I’m no longer sure if I’ll be able to do it all. I guess I’ll just have to try again some time…

Let me end this post with the MV inspired by Demian. The song is called Blood, Sweat and Tears by BTS.




BTS, BBMAs, Blood Sweat & Tears

A lot of B’s there.

So I had to do this. Like I seriously had to do this…

I know I haven’t been active in my blog lately, but this news got me all fired up and ready to say hello back to my blog! It got all my brain juices flowin’. My inner fangirl is screaming and shrieking like a banshee! So just to warn you all, this is going to be a fangirl post. I lot of my followers may not be able to relate, but to those who do – Annyeonghaseyo!!!

So I woke up yesterday morning to this news all over twitter –  and I was shook!


First off, let me give a very small intro of the group, just a little, cause we might take all day if I try to dissect BTS in a post. Maybe I’ll do an appreciation post specifically for BTS if any of you requested it, but right now I’ll just go back to the topic in hand.

So BTS, an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan (english trans: BULLETPROOF BOYSCOUTS), is a 7-member South Korean legends boyband formed by Big Hit Entertainment. They debuted on June 13, 2013 and has been gaining popularity locally and internationally especially internationally ever since. They are known as one of the very few Kpop Groups who co-writes and produces their own tracks.

Billboard magazine recognized the group as one of K-pop’s top competitive music producers of today: “Co-writing and producing on nearly every track, the K-pop phenoms proved how they can compete with top pop acts.” All members of the group participate in composing and producing the group’s songs. The Daily Dot describes them as “setting a standard for the bands that will come after them. Their souls are in their performances because they helped to create them—an investment that makes all the difference between memorizing dance routines and embracing them with passion.”

Yes, they’re that talented. Plus they’re dance choreographies are LIT!

Anyway, they’ve been constantly breaking records at the Billboards for the past year or two. And now they’ve been nominated for Top Social Artist Award at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. Going against big names like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendez. This also gained them the title as the first Kpop group to be ever nominated for the BBMAs.

After the announcement last April of their nomination, fans (aka ARMYs) have questioned whether the boys will attend the award show or not, and since ARMYs are eager to see BTS at the BBMAs, this happened – the voting which started last May 1st (and will end at 6pm PDT on May 21st) produced this result in only 24 hours – a showcase of the fanbase’s dedication to BTS.


After a week of voting, ARMYs prayers were answered and an official announcement of their attendance at the BBMAs was confirmed. A photo of their invitation was even uploaded on BIG HIT’s Official Twitter Account.

Current votes as of today (5th of May)

ARMYs are savage voters don’t you think? Gotta love all that support! ❤

Also, yesterday was also the release of BTS’ Blood, Sweat and Tears MV (Japanese Version). You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this version to get released. It was confusingly beautiful. LoL!

I am not even going to try to look for hidden connections and theories about this video BTS’ MVs are full of those because trying to do so is seriously giving me a terrible headache. I’m going to be leaving that to the experts!

Annyeong! ❤