FEB Day 14 : My Ideal Morning Routine

Today isn’t exactly day 14. I missed doing yesterday’s post so to compensate for that I’ll be doing two posts for today – yesterday’s post and today’s post.

My ideal morning routine is straightforwardly simple.

  1. To wake up at least two hours early than what I’m used to. Because I really move slow in the morning, I have to wake up earlier than usual to give myself more time to do everything I want and needed to do.
  2. Drink a glass of water. Ever since I’ve learned of the great benefits of drinking at least one glass of water upon waking up – rehydration, fuels the brain, fires metabolism, flushes out toxins etc, this is something I’ve already started doing every morning.
  3. Exercise or do yoga. I currently don’t do any sort of exercise so this is definitely an ideal morning routine.
  4. Prepare and eat a hefty and healthy breakfast. Again, that I also don’t do much in the morning. My normal routine basically was to wake up, drink water, brush teeth, take a bath and dress in my uniform (and other things that involves getting ready) and go straight to work. Skipping breakfast is already a habit.
  5. Morning shower. Always a must to start the day fresh.
  6. Stretch out on a corner and read a book. To end my ideal morning routine with a little bit of “me time” before doing everything else would be perfect.

And that ends Day 14’s post. ❤


This is why I wasn’t able to blog yesterday. I was busy admiring those flower balls.

FEB Day 13 : Do you work better in the morning or at night?

Hmmm… Actually I think I can be either. Mostly it would depend on my personal disposition at a particular day or night. Due to the weather, I am currently more of a night owl. Getting up in a cold weather is a challenging ordeal; it’s impossible to start the day bright. And if you haven’t notice lately, I only am able to blog during the night when I feel like my mind is more alert and blog-able. My brain is literally experiencing “brain freeze” because of the cold. Ha!

Funny! I think I’m an exhausted pigeon as well. 😀

Anyway, I found this interesting bit of information just right now. It kind of made me rethink my answer. Ha! 😀

Pisces girl – what even is sleep? 😀

FEB Day 12 : Destinations you dream of travelling to

I’m just going to dive right into it and say Japan. Of course, as a young kid I already dreamed of travelling the world, but then Japan would be on top of that list.

I’m not sure how or why, but ever since I started to get hooked on anime and jdoramas in my younger years, I started to feel this need of going to Japan and see the country. Won’t you believe that I specifically learned how to use the chopsticks so that I could use the skill when I go to Japan?

So many things I really want to see and try out there. There’s this gut feeling I get that I knew something fun and exciting is going to happen once I set foot in Japan. Do you ever get such feeling?

Anyway, just to share a few reasons why I dream of travelling to Japan. (I just mentioned Japan 6 times. ok make that 7. Ha!)

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)

Anyone who have read some of my previous posts would know of my love for cherry blossoms. Not to mention that there’s a very obvious cherry blossom gif when you visit my blog. They are, for me, one of God’s beautiful creations and something you think you’d only find in a fantasy realm.

FYI (an excerpt from google)

The cherry blossoms symbolize clouds due to their nature of blooming en masse, besides being an enduring metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. The transience of the blossoms, the exquisite beauty and volatility, has often been associated with mortality and gracefulness and readily acceptance of destiny and karma.



I dream of wearing a kimono and having my picture taken under a beautiful sakura tree in spring time. That would be a huge tick on my bucket list once it happens. When I learned that it is possible for tourists/foreigners to wear a kimono and walk while wearing it on the streets of Japan, I was totally over the moon. I can’t wait for the day I get to experience it as well.

An outdoor Onsen

An onsen is basically a japanese hot spring and very popular among the japanese and the tourists as well. Though there’s an indoor onsen, I prefer the outdoor one with a nice view of nature. There’s a japanese show I’ve watched before where the people are having a relaxing conversation  in an onsen and behind them was a breathtaking view of Mt. Fuji. Like OMG! I need to get in there ASAP!

Anyway, a day in an onsen is an effective way to relax my tired bones and I don’t even care if I have to go naked – Japanese often talk of the virtues of “naked communion” for breaking down barriers and getting to know people in the relaxed atmosphere of a ryokan (inn) with an attached onsen.

FYI (an excerpt from google)

Onsen water is believed to have healing powers derived from its mineral content. A particular onsen may feature several different baths, each with water of a different mineral composition. The outdoor bath tubs are often made from Japanese cypress, marble, or granite, while indoor tubs may be made from tile, acrylic glass, or stainless steel. Particular onsens may also promote the special mineral composition of their waters, together with the healing properties these may have. Other services, such as massages, may also be offered.

How beautiful are those waters?


One of my favorite cusines in the world is japanese food. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that. Everyone should try a good japanese food. It is simply delicious. Nom Nom Nom 😀

All Things Kawaii

I adore cute things and Japan is number one when it comes to producing cute stuffs. Whether it is a toy, food, outfits, shoes, accessories, cosmetics – everything you can think of – they certainly got it.


It’s my birthday month so feel free to send me cute stuffs. ❤

 All photos and videos above are not mine, so credits to the owners. ❤

FEB Day 8 : Five things to do less often.

Five things to do less often? This seems to be an easy question until I realized it isn’t. I can only think of two things I know I should do less often. Not that I don’t have a lot of flaws, quite the opposite actually, but right now there are only two things at the top of my head that I know I really should do less, and these are:

First, I am an incessant over thinker. A very unhealthy habit,  if I do say so myself, causing me stress and sleepless nights. Never mind that my head might be on the verge of exploding ’cause once the thinking starts, I just cant seem to stop. There’s a bloody battle going on inside my head and I don’t even know who’s winning.


Second, caring about what other people would say isn’t always such a bad thing, until it starts to affect you from being who you are and enjoying your life. I’m afraid I was very guilty of this in my younger years and is something I’ve been continuously working on until now. There definitely has been changes with my views about “caring too much” especially after hitting my late 20’s, but time and again I still get those moments when I just care too much that I’m being emotionally affected by it. I guess it’s a long process but I do am trying my best to get that balance between how much should I and should I not care for about.


Now that I think about it, overthinking and caring too much kinda seems to go hand in hand. I’m doomed! 😱😱😱

FEB Day 7 : How do I take care of myself when stressed?

As an introvert, you could guess that how I take care of myself when stressed involves a whole lot of “ME” time.


Getting away from people or taking a break from things that stresses me out is essentially the first thing I do. I just need that moment for me to recharge because believe it or not, I do rather feel more relaxed when alone than in a crowd. Of course, I also do a whole lot of the following when stressed:

Eat : The gif says it all! I am very guilty of eating my feelings. I just have this urge to eat and funnily, I get cravings too. Ha! It guess this is what you’d call emotional eating – eating to fill emotional needs.

Forget about getting fat!

Read : Reading is a form of escape for me. It keeps my mind from focusing about what stresses me out and transports me to a place more untroubled than mine. Since I love to read, this is a totally perfect way for me to de-stress.

Yasss!!! This is life!

Sleep : A very effective and healthy way to forget your troubles and relax. It provides a great number of health benefits and you wake up with a positively better outlook and a more relax stance than before you slept.

How cute is Stitch?

And those are just a few of my usual routines that never fail to bring me back on track. Of course, a good, long and relaxing vacation is a surefire way to release all my pent-up stress and frustrations. However, as an expat working abroad, vacations aren’t always easy to take so above ways are definitely reliable for me and, I believe, for most people as well. 😀