Happy Birthday Blog!


Whoa! It’s been a year now? This is the day? Really?

My mind seems to be reeling on that fact. I just woke up you know. Hahaha! But anyways, Happy Birthday Blog! Let’s have more fun times together and less on the gloomy ones.

I love you Blog!

Hmmm… I realized that me and my blog have the same birth month. Can you believe that? 😎


I welcome ME back!

I welcome me back! Yes I do. It’s been quite some time since I last visited WordPress, almost 2 years to be exact, and it looks like a lot has changed since then. I probably need to re-orient myself on what’s new over here.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of blogging again after that long hiatus, but never really had the time and the drive to do so until a workmate of mine, who I convinced of creating her own WordPress (janellyysh), forced me to do it again. Hahahaha!.

So now I’m finally back and hopefully would continue doing this until I ran out of things to say… which is unlikely at the moment since I was told I talk too much.

So I guess this is it! Happy WordPressing! ❤