A Tea of Pearls

Chatime has finally come to Doha. Yey!


A few days before the start of Ramadan, after hearing the news of a Chatime branch here in Doha, two of my colleagues invited me to come and check out the place at The Pearl Qatar. There we found the famous bubble tea chain in a small corner inside Spinney’s – we went in circles just finding the place. The ambiance is quite cozy – pretty straightforward with their signature colors of purple and white. Because the area is small, inside seats are limited, probably 3 tables with 2 to 3 chairs each if I remember correctly. But seats are also available outside, an excellent place to enjoy your milk tea while chilling out and appreciating the weather and view.


The menu is almost the same in the Philippines, but with the surprising addition of Karak Milk Tea, which I found interesting. Karak tea is, after all, pretty delicious, but I usually drink it hot and definitely without tapioca pearls. I’m thinking of trying that one on my next visit. Also, it’s good to know that they ask the level of sugar and ice desired for each drink.

The cakes are relatively simple. Nothing too fancy.

They have the usual strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, honey cake, lotus cake and some muffins, sandwiches, and croissants. Pretty basic I should say.


So for our orders, I opted to try their Taro Milk Tea (Taro is primarily one of my usual go-to flavors when I order Bubble Tea in other places), which I, unfortunately, felt a tad disappointed about. I usually go for normal sugar level in my first try of a particular milk tea to have a baseline reference on how sweet they make a drink, but this Taro is not sweet, and for a normal level of sugar, it was bland for my taste. Maybe they’re not just as sweet as other Bubble tea shops, but anyways, I was not satisfied.

Also, there were no tapioca pearls in my Taro Milk Tea. I learned later on, after I asked one of the staff,  that the tapioca pearls are only added as ordered. Meaning there would be “additional payment for the pearls”. What a bummer! In the Philippines, the pearls are automatically part of the drink you paid for. So yeah, I did feel bad about that one.

Anyway, my friends Rachelle, Janel and JJ ordered Oolong Milk Tea, Chocolate Mouse, and Taro Milk Tea respectively. As far as I know, they are more satisfied with their choice than I was with mine.

To complement our drinks, we also ordered Blueberry cheesecake and Lotus cake which are not too sweet – a good thing as compared with my taro milk tea. I just didn’t like that the outer shell is so hard. It’s like I have to dig into the center to be able to get to the cheesecake itself. Good thing the taste made up for it.


Overall, it wasn’t bad, but it certainly was not as good as I expected.

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The Colorful World of Popcorn Girl

For the first time last February 20, me and my colleagues went to check out Popcorn Girl at Ezdan Mall. I’ve been so excited after hearing the news that Popcorn Girl will soon open in Qatar in a matter of days. Who won’t be?

Popcorn Girl, as you may know, is a Las Vegas-based gourmet and confections store. With over 50 flavors of gourmet popcorn, chocolates, candies, fudges, ice cream etc. to choose from, the place is one kid’s own paradise. Of course, someone who is also young at heart would totally appreciate the wonder of Popcorn Girl, just like I did.

POPCORN GIRL at Ezdan Mall
POPCORN GIRL at Ezdan Mall

The store’s interior is vibrant with color. Like the rainbow puked on it. Everything is sweet and delightful. I felt like a child let loose on a playground. My eyes are practically dancing… wanting to take everything in and not wanting to miss anything.

Giant Popcorn seen at the store's Entrance
Giant Popcorn seen at the store’s Entrance
Gourmet Popcorn Galore!
Gourmet Popcorn Galore!
Look at all those candies!
Look at all those candies!

Another thing about the store I liked is that part of it is like a mini cafe of sort. There’s a selection of coffee, milkshakes, tea and fudge cakes. I would love to try them on my next visit.

So what's on the Menu?
So what’s on the Menu?


Of course, a tour at Popcorn Girl won’t be complete without meeting Popcorn Girl herself!



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Coffee Break at Caribou Coffee!

It was Thursday again. Lately, my colleagues and I have been planning after-work activities during Thursdays as a way to unwind after 6 days of work. How fast time flies recently, and since our senior colleague is going on vacation in the Philippines this May, we thought of trying out different places every Thursday after work to enjoy and relax.

And so there was Caribou Coffee, a place suggested to us and frequently visited by our other colleague Janel. It is located near Abu Hamour Petrol Station and surrounded by a number of Fastfood Chains, which I think is cool in case you wish to have a bite of burgers and fries or maybe cool off your cravings of gelato.

Anyhow, Caribou Coffee looks rather dim at night, or at least that was what it looked like from the outside, the inside however is rather neat and cozy. The ambiance  good, and since it was not overly crowded like Starbucks and Coffee Bean, it was a perfect place for us to chill and relax.


The Menu
The Menu

Like most coffee houses, Caribou also has a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks. Since the weather that day didn’t call for hot coffee, we instead order from the cold drinks menu. Janel chose Vanilla White Mocha. Ate Erl, who’s more into fruity tastes, chose Berry White Mocha that added a touch of raspberry to it. I, on the other hand, chose Campfire Mocha out of curiosity. LOL!

LEFT to RIGHT: Campfire Mocha, Vanilla White Mocha, Berry White Mocha
LEFT to RIGHT: Campfire Mocha, Vanilla White Mocha, Berry White Mocha

Of course, sipping coffee in a coffee house is never complete without its complementary sandwiches or cakes!

Red Velvet Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Chocolate Madness
Chocolate Madness
Turtle Cheesecake
Turtle Cheesecake

I was the one who ordered the Red Velvet Cake, it was not as sweet as I was expecting but it still tasted good. Janel ordered the Chocolate Madness since it was the cake she haven’t tried yet truthfully I didn’t enjoy this cake that much. Ate Erl, on the other hand, ordered the Turtle Cheesecake and I liked it a lot. 🙂

So there you have it, my first dine in experience at Caribou Coffee with friends. 🙂

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A Day of Food and Nothing but Food!

Thank God it’s Friday! Friday has never been so enjoyable until I worked here in Qatar. It’s my rest day.. my day off from work. It’s like what Saturday is in the Philippines.

I woke up late as usual, which is how I like it, then got invited by my dad to go eat out instead of cooking at home. My sister, cousin and I were of course in agreement. We are all too lazy to do anything at Fridays except to eat and relax all day. We decided to eat at Korean Garden Restaurant which is a place we all enjoy eating at. We love the food there so imagine our disappointment when we saw that it was still closed when we arrived. It’s already 11AM for crying out loud! Oh well, I guess we forgot it was Friday and most restaurants, malls (etc.) open in the afternoon.

Anyway, we ended up having our brunch at Papa Johns. We ordered Papa’s Club Salad (which is mostly eaten by my dad and sister), Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks (a favorite of ours), Papa’s House Pasta (we changed the pasta into penne), a Family Pizza (half Hawaiian and half All The Meats), and 4 Fruit Cocktail Juices. This is what happens when we try to have both breakfast and lunch in one sitting. Hahaha!


When we got home, it was already 12:30PM, and there was a box of Dunkin Donuts on the table! Obviously time for Dessert!


An hour later, my cousin started preparing for work (her Friday is not an off day for her. hahaha!), my sister ironed our clothes, my dad went back to printing documents from his laptop, while yours truly slept for 3o minutes and watched Season 8 of House online. I told you Friday is my lazy day, and it’s a great thing I did my general cleaning the previous Friday. LOL!

At 2:30PM, however, my sister and I decided to go to Villagio Mall after she finishes ironing the clothes. We left at 4pm and did a little shopping, and since the walk tired as a bit, we went to the food court and had ice cream at a Cold Stone. I ordered a cookie ice cream which I forgot the name while my sister ordered a large size of Oreo Overload.

My cookie icecream!
My cookie ice cream!

We also went to Wok of Fame for some light dinner. Or so we thought…

Sydney Crepe
Sydney Crepe

My sister also ordered Watermelon Bubble tea while I opted for water instead. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of her pink drink!.

So in conclusion, I probably gained 10 pounds that day… Hitting the gym tomorrow!!! 🙂

An Unfortunate Experience at PAUL

Last Monday (March 4), me and my friend/co-worker/fellow blogger Janel had lunch together in Villagio Mall. It was nothing out of the ordinary since we do eat there during breaks but because we both have a craving for sweets that day and every day we decided to look for stores that sell just that.

The first store we thought of was Starbucks, but unfortunately found nothing that we liked to try. Then we went to Paul, which is a bakery restaurant we’ve never tried before, where we saw a variety of mouthwatering desserts that tempted us to buy right on the spot.


However, we remembered that Dean and Deluca sell delicious pastries as well, so we held our cravings for Paul’s desserts for a while longer and went to check on Dean and Deluca.

As expected, we saw some pretty looking cakes at Dean and Deluca.


Unable to choose what to buy, I asked one of the staff which cake is their best seller and was told that their Cheesecake and Carrot Cake sells the best. We also get to have a taste of the carrot cake for FREE!


Personally, the taste was good. I would eat it but not crave for it, and it’s only because I’m not a fan of carrot cakes. Anyway, Janel also feels the same, so she ended up buying the strawberry shortcake instead.

Since I didn’t buy anything from Dean and Deluca, we went back to Paul and decided to eat there… and this is where the unfortunate experience happened. I’m no longer going to write the experience in detail, but I’ll tell only that I encountered a rather ill-mannered staff.

As a first time customer, I expected a better first impression. The Paul Bakery Restaurant has a lovely, vintage feel to it and being a new customer adds to my excitement. Unfortunately, good things are sometimes marred by bad things — in this case, a particular staff. Anyway, to describe her attitude, she was unaccommodating, unsmiling and disrespectful. She asked for my order in a way that made me feel “that I should hurry because she doesn’t want to be bothered.” She gave me the wrong pastry I ordered and loudly told the waiter that I said to her that THIS is what I ordered when in fact THAT is what I ordered. Anyway, it was a bad experience and Janel, Ate Erl and I asked one of the friendly waiters one of their cards where customers write comments about their dining experience. We could have called the manager (I know that), but we hope this alone would make her realize what she did. Hopefully, she won’t do the same to others.

Ok, I don’t want to end this on a sad note, so these are what we ordered.

Lemon Meringue Tart
Lemon Meringue Tart
Chocolate Shake
Chocolate Shake
Chocolate Shake (Top View)
Chocolate Shake (Top View)

And yes I still would like to eat at Paul Bakery Restaurant. There are still a lot of pastries to try. Maybe I’ll check out the one in Landmark Mall instead.

The Menu
The Menu