Changing Mobiles: from SAMSUNG to BLACKBERRY

Since Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was first introduced, I was pretty confident I will buy one. It was sleek and stylish. The fact that it was bigger than the norm didn’t deter me. In fact, I loved it! For me the size was perfect both as a mobile phone and as a browsing tool whenever I like to Google something or check on my Facebook and all things related. However, as most of the things happening in my life right now, things don’t exactly turn the way I want it to be.

Before I plan on buying Galaxy S3, I was using a Pink Samsung Corby GT-B3410W. And it has been my phone for almost 3 years until water found its way in the insides of my poor, pink mobile phone.

My Samsung Corby GT-B3410W
My Samsung Corby GT-B3410W

So because I cannot use my Corby any longer, it seemed to me that I’ll be buying my own S3 soon. Or is it?

Well it didn’t happen. Why? I have been sales talked! By my fellowblogger/friend/co-worker Janel!

You see aside from me buying an S3, I also plan to buy an Apple Itouch which I’ve blogged about last time and which you will find HERE.

So what does Apple Itouch had to do with my change of plans? Well according to Janel, why do I need to buy both Itouch and S3 when they mostly have the same purpose? It’s either I buy the S3 alone or buy both Apple Itouch and Blackberry. Why Blackberry? Because it is a great  outside-wifi-range phone and perfect for communication due to its BBM feature. The Itouch would be for my applications while the Blackberry would be for my communication and browsing outside-wifi-range phone. If I buy an S3 and an Itouch, aside from being the other being a phone and the other not a phone, they would both be useless without wifi. And because of that logic… I was sold! And now I own my first Blackberry.

Blackberry 9790
Blackberry Bold 9790

Again, I originally wanted the Blackberry Bold 9900 but due to short funds I opted to buy the 9790. It is both touch and text like the 9900 so it was okay with me. Plus it fits right into my hand very nicely.



Apple Itouch 5th Gen in Pink!

I say this all the time, “I am not an Apple fan, but if there is ever an Apple gadget I will buy, it would be the iPod.” And so I did!

Two days ago, that was a Wednesday, my Itouch finally arrived after weeks of waiting. I chose the color Pink, which was a hard decision considering that the blue and apple green colors were so cute as well because it was closer to my favorite color which is purple and because my workmate already has her Itouch in apple green, so I am left with colors blue and pink to choose from.


Below are the Itouch accessories found inside the casing: the USB cable or what I like calling the charger, the cool earpods, and the cute pink strap.


My Itouch with the cute pink strap on.
My iTouch with the cute pink strap on.
Everything all at once
Everything all at once

As for the specs, you can just look it up online. LOL!

Anyway, I really love my iTouch right now, and I can’t stop checking it the whole time. I’m already neglecting my Samsung tablet because of it, and if it’s not for this blog, I might also be ignoring my laptop. And yes I know I can use my iTouch in creating posts for my blog, but I still prefer tapping on my laptop’s keyboard. It’s more fun for me. ^_^