EXO (Shimmy Shimmy) KO KO BOP

I can’t help it. That “Shimmy, Shimmy” needs to be added to the title.

Last July 18, SMEnt finally released EXO’s comeback song Ko Ko Bop, much to EXO-L’s delight. EXO’s been lying low for a while so this comeback is definitely much-awaited and considered long-overdue to fans.

So here are my two-cents on the video and the song. Yes, I do have two separate opinions about the MV and the song itself.

The MV is trippy (in a very good way)! As expected of most Kpop music videos, the colors are basically “in your face”. The blues and greens, which are very prominent in the video, give off a pretty cool aesthetic. Combined with the splashes of reds, yellows, pinks here and there reminded me of those colorful gumballs. Basically, I think, the whole video is one Gumball Machine and EXO and everything else are gumballs.

No? Ok, I’m stopping right here.

As always, the boys’ visuals never disappoints, and though I facepalm myself everytime I see Baekhyun’s mullet and Kai’s dreads, the group’s overall look still hits a punch.

And yes I have to make mention of Kai’s well-toned abs, Sehun’s slightly open shirt, and Xiumin! OMG have you seen Xiumin?!? His visuals in this comeback definitely stood out!

Ko Ko Bop is… I don’t really know how I feel about the song. I didn’t like it when I first heard it so I’ve listened to it a couple more times just to see if my opinion would be slightly different. I think after doing so all I can conclude is that it is an okay song. There are definitely parts where it sticks to you like Chen’s “It goes down, down baby” (Chen’s vocals always gets me) and the part where they sing “Ah woo”, which sounds really good by the way, BUT was it a strong comeback song? I think no.

I remember when I heard Growl for the first time, I knew right off the bat it was an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G song, and I still think so. I even blogged about it at that time because I was that impressed by it. You can check out the post HERE if you’re interested. Sadly, I didn’t feel the same impact with Ko Ko Bop.

As a whole, EXO’s 4th album “THE WAR”, is for sure better than their previous ones. Their sound definitely matured and got better and I really dig that. I just happen to finish listening to the album last night,  and I must say, for now, my favorites are “Going Crazy” and “The EVE”.

Speaking of The EVE, how excited was I to wake up and see this golden fancam on my youtube feed?

There’s a non-fancam version of this performance, but I prefer this one better because I get to see the group dance as a whole without the camera going back and forth between members and making me dizzy af. Plus, we can all better appreciate their very rude choreography in this angle more.

I died! asdfghjkl! (credits: gangbangjimin.tumblr)

I want an MV of this song ASAP!!!




I’m at it again. This unwanted feeling of monotonousness is making me numb. It occurs every year – like when something happens that makes you fall into boredom’s abyss. At least that’s what I was feeling as of late, not that everybody knows that, but my complete lack of attentiveness on certain aspects of my daily life is telling me that I have to do something quick to break the state of ennui I’m in.

I haven’t posted a blog in a while. I cannot seem to concentrate on a task properly and all I’ve done as of late was check out Netflix, watch random videos on youtube, and binge myself on Kpop. And you know what? Every time I’m on my Kpop/Jpop fix, it meant only one thing – my life’s excitement is at an all-time low and listening to Kpop/Jpop, which has always been my guilty pleasure, is my surefire refuge at moments like this.

For months, I’ve been wanting to read some of the books I’ve hoarded since last year, but to no avail. There was this book titled “Demian” by Hermann Hesse that I really wanted to read. I have the ebook already saved. The book piqued my interest after learning that the music video of one my favorite Kpop groups was inspired by this book. The MV itself was very fascinating. The thought that it was inspired by that book is definitely something I know I should check out. However, my current attention span is limited and I lose focus a lot. I’ve read the first few lines and I just can’t concentrate on it so I end up not continuing.

Anyway, I do have a lot of things I wanted to blog. My list is piling up and as time goes by I’m no longer sure if I’ll be able to do it all. I guess I’ll just have to try again some time…

Let me end this post with the MV inspired by Demian. The song is called Blood, Sweat, and Tears by BTS.




BTS, BBMAs, Blood Sweat & Tears

A lot of B’s there.

So I had to do this. Like I seriously had to do this…

I know I haven’t been active on my blog lately, but this news got me all fired up and ready to say hello back to my blog! It got all my brain juices flowin’. My inner fangirl is screaming and shrieking like a banshee! So just to warn you all, this is going to be a fangirl post. I lot of my followers may not be able to relate, but to those who do – Annyeonghaseyo!!!

So I woke up yesterday morning to this news all over twitter –  and I was shook!


First off, let me give a small intro to the group, just a little, cause we might take all day if I try to dissect BTS in a post. Maybe I’ll do an appreciation post specifically for BTS if any of you requested it, but right now I’ll just go back to the topic at hand.

So BTS, an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan (English trans: BULLETPROOF BOYSCOUTS), is a 7-member South Korean legends boyband formed by Big Hit Entertainment. They debuted on June 13, 2013, and has been gaining popularity locally and internationally especially internationally ever since. They are known as one of the very few Kpop Groups who co-writes and produces their own tracks.

Billboard magazine recognized the group as one of K-pop’s top competitive music producers of today: “Co-writing and producing on nearly every track, the K-pop phenoms proved how they can compete with top pop acts.” All members of the group participate in composing and producing the group’s songs. The Daily Dot describes them as “setting a standard for the bands that will come after them. Their souls are in their performances because they helped to create them—an investment that makes all the difference between memorizing dance routines and embracing them with passion.”

Yes, they’re that talented. Plus their dance choreographies are LIT!

Anyway, they’ve been continuously breaking records at the Billboards for the past year or two. And now they’ve been nominated for Top Social Artist Award at this year’s Billboard Music Awards. Going against big names like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendez. This also gained them the title as the first Kpop group to be ever nominated for the BBMAs.

After the announcement last April of their nomination, fans (aka ARMYs) have questioned whether the boys will attend the award show or not, and since ARMYs are eager to see BTS at the BBMAs, this happened – the voting which started last May 1st (and will end at 6pm PDT on May 21st) produced this result in only 24 hours – a showcase of the fanbase’s dedication to BTS.


After a week of voting, ARMYs prayers were answered, and an official announcement of their attendance at the BBMAs was confirmed. A photo of their invitation was even uploaded to BIG HIT’s Official Twitter Account.

Current votes as of today (5th of May)

ARMYs are savage voters don’t you think? Gotta love all that support! ❤

Also, yesterday was also the release of BTS’ Blood, Sweat, and Tears MV (Japanese Version). You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this version to get released. It was confusingly beautiful. LoL!

I am not even going to try to look for hidden connections and theories about this video BTS’ MVs are full of those because trying to do so is seriously giving me a terrible headache. I’m going to be leaving that to the experts!

Annyeong! ❤

DAY 23: Guilty Pleasures

What is a guilty pleasure?

A guilty pleasure is one of two things: Something pleasurable but induces feelings of guilt (minor ones at least). And something you do for pleasure but won’t like others to know about (or at least not all people).

Well, when it comes to guilty pleasures I have both (by definition), and they are…

Chocolate! — Or any sweet pastry or dessert there is on the planet. It’s the curse of the sweet tooth for me. But seriously, who could really resist such delectables?

I’m drooling. I’m in sweet heaven right now. 🙂

JPOP and KPOP! They are like my jam. When I’m sad, I don’t listen to sad music cause that would be redundant or sentimental songs, I listen to Kpop or Jpop. And I would play it in high volume while I’m cleaning the house or cooking. It calms me. Seriously! It makes me forget everything I want to forget for a while. It’s music therapy. Really! 😀


Growling for EXO


Disclaimer: This post, though informative, contains some fangirl-ing and quite a bit of spazzing.  🙂

EXO, is a 12-member South Korean-Chinese boy band under SM Entertainment agency formed in 2011. Though considered and promotes as one group, they are subdivided into two subgroups, EXO-K (korean) and EXO-M (mandarin), to target both Korean and Chinese audience. Group members include Suho (leader), Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, Sehun, Kris (EXO-M leader), Xiumin, Luhan, Lay, Chen and Tao.

Despite being overly publicized months before their actual debut, I wasn’t impressed. When I heard that a group of 12-member boys are going to debut under SM Ent, the first thing I thought of was Super Junior. Is Lee So Man trying to make a group like SuJu? I know that Super Junior members are already at an age where they would be enlisting in the army, in fact a few members had already done so, and thus hindered them from promoting as a whole. So this made me think — is EXO another of Mr. Lee’s clever ideas to not stop promoting in China? Well it seems like it to me, especially since EXO has a subgroup named EXO-M, just like Super Junior has a subgroup named Super Junior-M (or SJM), where they sing songs in Mandarin and do promotions in China.

Anyway, I wasn’t initially in awe of EXO. I guess it was because I am a big Super Junior and Big Bang fan and I find EXO too young for me to spazz over. However, since it was an SME group, I am inclined to watch their first debut MV (History) and my first impression was that they are a cross between SHINEE and SUPER JUNIOR — they have SHINEE’s youth and Super Junior’s number. LOL! So far I wonder if they would have the charm and versatility that Suju had, because Suju seriously did almost everything. They are not hailed as the “Kings of Hallyu Wave” for nothing you know. In any case, I have to say that Lee So Man did right with EXO what he did wrong with Super Junior, and that is in debuting both Korean and Chinese members together. Of course, I’m not going to elaborate any further, SuJu fans know exactly what I’m talking about — “SuJu 13” anyone?

Going to the reason why I’m doing this post, I just saw EXO’s latest MV “Growl” a week ago and fell in love. Unlike their previous song releases, this song is a bull’s eye! Like Cupid’s arrow finally hit me and I just can’t help but drool over my one true love (ok that’s too much! LOL!) What I was trying to say is that the song just fits EXO to a T as compared with their past singles. I never totally got hooked with History, Mama etc — I just don’t think the songs match with EXO vocally speaking. It just feels like the songs were forced on them — like that isn’t exactly the case with most kpop groups under SME.

So back to the song, “Growl” is a great EXO song and the music video is just O-M-G! I think I’ll just let you watch first to see. There are two versions, obviously, and both are muy perfecto! 🙂



To better appreciate the song, below is one with english subs (+romanization+hangul)

I think the idea of shooting this MV in one take is just brilliant! The boys are great dancers and the video showcased just that! (apart of course from their great style and good looks 🙂 ) The lighting, the location and the outfits are young, cool and fresh. The boys never looked so appealing to me as they did in “Growl”. I feel like growling myself. LMAO!

To end this post, I finally get to have my EXO bias 🙂

:) KAI :)
The sexy KAI 🙂