My Thoughts on the Man of Steel

Four years ago, I wrote a post on my old blog about 5 characters I wish were real and guess who part of that list is? Superman! Before Iron Man was made into a movie, Superman is the superhero movie I’m always excited to watch. At that time, Superman was played by the late Christopher Reeve, and he was the first Superman I know. After him, basically, all actors who played Superman became my infatuation. 🙂

Last week, cinemas began their screening of the movie Man of Steel. Fans and non-fans alike flocked to watch this exciting movie after a long wait from the previous Superman movie, Superman Returns, that was shown last 2006. man-of-steel-poster-final

As an overview, MAN of STEEL is a reboot of the Superman franchise. It tells us how and why Superman, named as Kal-El, was sent by his parents here on earth before the destruction of his planet Krypton. It shows us his childhood and how he manages to cope growing up here on earth while trying his best to keep all his superhuman abilities in check but to no avail. Superman, as a young boy, is already a natural savior.

MY REVIEW (Spoilers):

I have so many thoughts about this movie it’s hard to think of a way to start. With the film being more sci-fi than adventure, there’s a lot of things to process especially in comparison with previous Superman movies. So I guess I’ll just give you a breakdown of what I think didn’t work so well to what I think was great about this film. 🙂

Things that didn’t bode well for me:

  • My first thought about this movie was, “Why so Dark?” (LOL!). I miss the bright colors! The visual hues of this movie looked so morbid I might have been watching a thriller movie instead of the usual Superman=action/adventure/superhero/science fiction/family movie. Anyway, Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight) produced the film, so I guess that explained the dark feel of the movie, but still…
  • Superman’s anonymity. I am not talking about his anonymity from the world, I am talking about his anonymity from Lois Lane. If there’s one thing I enjoy in watching Superman, it’s his love life. There’s something romantic about Lois Lane being in love with Superman yet not knowing he is “always around,” working close to her and not even noticing. However, that isn’t what it was in this movie. Didn’t expect Lois Lane to know so soon.
  • Henry Cavill as Clark Kent. Almost at the end of the movie, Henry Cavill was shown in his Clark Kent outfit and introduced as a new staff in the Daily Planet. He wore the usual suit and the nerdy glasses, but somehow it didn’t work. Henry Cavill looked too striking to be inconspicuous, which is Superman’s alter ego is supposed to be like. I guess I was still expecting a bit of Christopher Reeve’s version of Clark Kent here.
  • General Zod’s death. Didn’t expect him to die in that fashion. I was hoping something more dramatic than being in a headlock and having your neck snapped. It’s just too ordinary and definitely lame! Hahaha!
  • No chemistry. Sadly, I felt no chemistry between Amy Adams (Lois Lane) and Henry Cavill (Superman). I think Amy Adams did okay as Lois Lane, but not as Superman’s love interest.
Nope! Not convinced of this pairing. :(
Nope! Not convinced of this pairing. 😦

Things I liked:

  • Fight scenes. I love intense fight scenes in superhero movies, and it’s good to see one in a Superman movie. Mostly, his films show him fighting with evil (very human) masterminds, and that doesn’t really require Superman to literally beat the crap out of them. In this movie, he was fighting General Zod, who came from the same planet as Superman and possesses the same abilities as him. Thus, the awesome fight scenes.
  • The casts. I love the casting of this movie especially the villains. Michael Shannon as General Zod is just fantastic and Antje Traue, an actress I’m not too familiar with, is now a favorite of mine. She was exceptional in her role as Faora and find myself drawn every time she speaks.
  • Henry Cavill as Superman. Can’t help it but Henry Cavill is undoubtedly dreamy. ‘Nuff said! 🙂

Things I’m not sure of:

  • Planet Krypton. It’s too… alien? Well, what I meant was… where are the crystals? With all the crystals involved in previous Superman movies, I’m assuming planet Krypton would be somehow similar, but more twentieth century.
  • The Fortress of Solitude. I know this isn’t the 1980’s anymore, but seriously, I really do prefer the crystals!
The Fortress of Solitude
The Fortress of Solitude

So that’s it I suppose. If you haven’t watch it, then I recommend you do. Afterall, it is still a good movie, with great actors and cool fight scenes. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 7. 🙂


Iron Man Experience

The much-anticipated movie, Iron Man, has finally reached Qatar cinema. My family (consists mainly of my dad and cousins) were so excited that despite the long queue for Iron Man movie tickets, we decided to watch it on its second day of showing a FRIDAY! The lines were so long and crowded you might think it would never end.

This is not even half of it. :))
This is not even half of it. 🙂

We arrived at 2:50PM and decided to watch the 3:45PM schedule. However, the nearer we get to the counter, tickets for every scheduled time becomes sold-out. 3:45PM… 4:30PM… 5:30PM… 6:30PM… 8:15PM —ALL SOLD OUT! Luckily, I guess when we reached the counter, there were still four seats left at the 4:30PM schedule, and we decided to take it even if we have to crane our necks up since we’re going to be sitting in the very first row.

No movie watching is complete without some good, old popcorn! (caramel flavor)
No movie watching is complete without some good, old popcorn! (caramel flavor)


First of all, hats off to Robert Downey Jr. for he is just FANTASTIC! He epitomizes Tony Stark/Iron man so well that he’s just perfect. He’s just like what Johnny Depp is to his Captain Jack Sparrow character. I probably won’t be able to see anyone else play the part.

As for the movie, it was a 100% entertaining.  I especially love the funny and awkward moments — they add that certain spice and charm that is very unique to this particular Marvel movie that I don’t feel with the other Marvel ones.

I like the annoying stupidity of the characters sometimes, Tony Stark included (of course!), and the unexpected twist concerning the eccentric villains. I also like the coolness of having more than one Iron Man suit — that was really splendid.

On the other hand, SPOILER ALERT: I still can’t get over the fact that he destroyed all his Iron Man creation. WHY would he do that?!? Will there be no more Iron Man movies? Is it the final one? Cause that is seriously NOT COOL! I have to admit that among all Marvel movies, Iron Man is my favorite.

Anyway, if you haven’t watch it, I suggest you do. Plus don’t forget to finish it until the end credits. Why? There’s an amusing conversation between Tony Stark and Dr. Banner (aka THE HULK) at the very end. Apparently, Tony Stark thinks he’s talking to a shrink, which is kind of funny because not only is Dr. Banner not one, but he is also not listening. HAHAHA!

So overall, on a scale of 1 to 5, I give it 5 stars! Ok, I’m biased! 🙂

To complete my Iron Man experience! A picture with My Man! I meant, Iron Man! Teehee!
To complete my Iron Man experience! A picture of My Man! I meant, Iron Man! Teehee!

Movie Review: Beautiful Creatures

Last February 22, my emotional birthday, I mentioned that I spent the afternoon inside the theater to watch Beautiful Creatures. To those unaware, which is unlikely, i think? Beautiful Creatures is a 2013 movie that was based on a novel of the same title written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl and is the first book in the Caster Chronicles Series. Since I love to read and knowing that the movie was based from a book, this made me want to watch the film.(I have yet to read this book! Really!) So I did.


My thoughts?

Watching a movie in the Middle East can be exasperating at times. Why? For the reason that they love editing out certain scenes they deemed inappropriate. Kissing scenes for example! There are about three kissing scenes (i assumed) that were cut from the movie. I don’t really care if they like to cut those scenes but I feel like because they have to make readjustments to make the flow of the movie smoother, they probably have deleted a few scenes taken in between the kissing parts. In short, I don’t think I got the whole of my money’s worth.

Anyway, the movie was okay. The characters weren’t bad and the actors who portrayed them were great. I especially like the character of Emmy Rossum, who played Ridley Duchannes, the sexy dark cousin of Lena and also Sarafine, the powerful Dark Caster played by Emma Thompson. The main protagonists Lena and Ethan played by Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert were quite charming in their roles. I think, acting-wise, all actors were awesome in their own way.

The movie as a whole, I wasn’t really jumping up and down my seat. On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d probably just rate it a 6 1/2. It was good, but I feel that the movie itself was lacking and that it was kind of rushed and certain details were omitted. I probably shouldn’t be surprised. After all it was based on a novel. It really made me want to read the book more because of the unsatisfied feeling I had after watching it.

Oh well, I need to get inside a bookstore soon.