2014 Resolutions

This is an obligatory New Year’s Resolution post. It’s not a long list, but mostly just to remind me later on what I promised I would do, but forgot. Hahaha!

1. I will stop drinking carbonated drinks for (at least) 7 months or more if I can help myself.

2. Read more. I’ve read only 21 books for the whole year of 2013. That’s too few compared during my years in college. Anyway, I should find a copy of Lang Leav’s “Love and Misadventure” soon.

3. Travel. 😀

4. Have a stockpile of “pasalubongs” before my vacation on August. I don’t want to procrastinate and have problems later.

5. Be more optimistic! 😀


DAY 28: Favorite Memory

The last New Year celebration I had in the Philippines. It was on the eve of December 31, 2010 — almost 3 years ago.


Christmas and New Year are my favorite holidays, so it’s no surprise that most of my favorite memories happen during these times. I guess what made New Year’s Eve of 2010 my favorite memory is the thought that it’s a something I miss the most — celebrating the new year with family in the Philippines.

In three days time, I’ll be welcoming the New Year of 2014, and once again I’ll be doing it here in Qatar — miles away from home. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a party in the villa where I lived. I already have my polka dot top prepared, to be worn for New Year’s Eve, because it’s a Filipino superstition that wearing polka dots (signifies coins or money) would bring me prosperity and wealth in the New Year. And who says no to prosperity and wealth?

Anyway, that’s my favorite memory, celebrating the holidays with family. It’s always sure to be a happy one. 😀