K iMPRiNTS & Co.

…. is now OPEN!

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K iMPRiNTS & Co  is an online souvenir printing shop currently focused on customizing shirts, mugs, stickers, mobile cases and other souvenir items for “pasalubongs”,  company events, reunions and other special occasions. Production office is located at Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines.

K iMPRiNTS & Co is a business venture that my best friend Ana and I planned for practically a year before finally coming to fruition last February of 2016. As most people starting a business, it has been a tedious year of planning and preparations. A very challenging experience for both of us who are novices in the business world.

Currently, since I am oceans away, my best friend acts as the overall manager of the shop. In charge of  receiving orders from our beloved customers and making orders to ensure that we have all the materials we need in stock. She is totally amazing at it! On the other hand, my supportive younger sister, Kaezzelyn, acts as our production assistant every time we receive bulk orders and when in need of  an extra pair of hands. My brother, Kostrad, also helps us in designs once in a while when he is not entirely busy at work or when he has time to spare.

It’s a small hardworking group and they keep the shop alive.

So to all interested, you can show us some love by checking out our FB page HERE and our Instagram account HERE

Thank You!   ❤ ❤ ❤





Cherry Blossoms will bloom…

Konnichiwa minna-san!!

It’s been almost a year now since my last post. A lot has definitely happened to me since then, but it is only after learning such spectacular news the other day did it brought me back here. The excitement cannot be contained!

Cherry Blossoms… how do I even begin to explain cherry blossoms? – Cherry blossoms is one of my favorite things in this whole, wide world. And one of the best ever of God’s creation!

According to an article I’ve read, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of sisterhood ties between  Japan’s Kochi prefecture and the Benguet province, a first-ever Sakura Park will finally bloom in Atok, Benguet – a cool northern part of the Philippines. Over 30 cherry blossom trees and other tree species were already planted, with the cherry blossoms expected to blossom in 3 years time.

That’s quite a long time, but who cares? I have been waiting my entire life to tick it off my bucket list after all (to see cherry blossoms up close). What’re three years anyway? I might even hop off a plane to Japan before the 3 years is up if I can help it. 😀

“The last of the cherry blossom. On the tree, it turns ever more perfect. And when it’s perfect, it falls. And then of course once it hits the ground it gets all mushed up. So it’s only absolutely perfect when it’s falling through the air, this way and that, for the briefest time!.!.!.”  — David Mitchell

Touchdown Philippines!

Such an exhilarating feeling when you’re inside an aircraft hovering over trees and plains, in the land and country you were born with. And when you’ve been away from home for almost three years, the sight from above is nothing short of beautiful. That is the feeling I got the day I get to say “Hello Philippines!!!”

My departure flight from Doha came about in the evening on the 24th of June, and my expected arrival in the Philippines was to be on the morning of June 25. I didn’t do much during the flight but read an e-book copy of Clockwork Prince in my iPad to pass the time. I didn’t get much sleep either, the thrill of finally seeing home pumping through my veins, and all I ever did during the flight was eat, read, and take a few pictures.

View from my window
View from my window

I guess we were somewhere above or near Vietnam if my reading of the navigation map from the airplane was correct when I decided to open my window shade and was greeted by the delightful sight of morning clouds. And as the sun, however blinding, appeared from behind those clouds? Well, the image was just breathtaking.



I can’t remember the exact time when we finally got to land. It seemed unimportant after I saw the faces of my mommy and brother waiting for me outside as they greeted me “Welcome Home!”. I just felt so light after that. I never realized how so thankful I was to be home again. 





… about what?!

About this!


Finally getting to take my vacation in the Philippines after more or less 3 years of living here in Qatar. I’m so excited to meet my beautiful family and my wonderful friends whom I miss so much! I should probably create a long bucket list of activities beforehand. I want to meet as many of my friends and family as possible, do as many activities which I can’t do here and eat as many food that I cannot find here as I can before I get back here in Doha.

I’m just hoping it won’t be too rainy and I won’t encounter any ugly storms during my stay. *praying fervently*

Can’t wait! 😀