Yesterday I was sad, and I can’t imagine why.

This feeling of sorrow, oh, how I cried.

Then I woke up today and realized.

That what I felt was just me missing you by my side.

Oh! How I cried. 😦


Why do you cry?
Is it because you’re in pain?
Is it physical pain?
Or not in that way?

Does your pain hurt your eyes from cryin’?
Does it cause migraine from too much thinkin’?
Does it slowly breaks your heart and makes you feel like dyin’?

One day your body will be drained of its energy.
You will feel nothing and yet find it a blessing.
You will welcome it…
You will embrace it…
And there would be nothing but an empty shell of you.

Sometimes I wish things were different.
A carefree life is what I dreamed.
To experience life and be thankful of its glory.
To feel joy in little things and exultation in big things.

The freedom of life.
Such happiness it would give me.

To not be afraid and meet life head on.
To make mistakes and learn from them.
To feel so down and think u can no longer move on
And stand up the next day and feel like you were reborn.

Oh to be fearless! Such freedom it will bring me!