Welcoming 2017 with a blog name anew!

Hello 2017! Years have been flying faster than a shinkansen these days, I’m not sure if I can keep up, but heck if I will allow myself to get left behind. I’m not getting any younger and enjoying all the things life will throw at me is certainly my goal and resolution for this year. Hopefully my lucky stars this 2017 won’t fail me. *fingers-crossed*

So for the start of this year, I’ve decided to finally change my blog name. A lot of thought has definitely transpired before making this decision. I know it’s not a simple task to change something you’ve had since forever, but change is the only thing constant in this world and most of the time, change is a good thing.

There are a number of blog names I can think of for my site, but I’ve decided that this is the perfect one for me.


I’ve always wanted a fanciful name for my blog and amazingly another name for fanciful is “whimsical”. Yes, my imagination knows no bounds. Ha!

Anyways, I first thought of using my Instagram and Twitter caption “Wanderlust and Pixie Dust”, since this is something I’ve originally coined that I feel describes the real me perfectly. However, I was disappointed when I saw another blog with almost the same name, except hers was “Pixie Dust & Wanderlust”. And here I thought I was being original. Never did I realize there’s someone out there who thinks similarly and would think of using it as a blog name as well.

Oh well, I’ve moved on from the disappointment and now I’m sticking with “Quintessentially Whimsical”.



DAY 26: Why I Chose My Username

My username, as you well know, is PURPLEMUNCHKIM. Why I chose this and how it came about is quite simple. It might be enough to explain in one paragraph or two. Ha!

Once upon a time, when I was in high school, specifically in my 3rd year, one of my classmates started calling me munchkim. I guess it came from the fact that my name is Kim and during those years, I love munching munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts. So it’s pretty obvious how that moniker came about. 😀 Munchkins

Here is BUTTERNUT. My favorite flavor. :D
Here is BUTTERNUT. My favorite flavor. 😀

As for purple, well it’s a no-brainer. I love the color PURPLE!

And so that ends my tale of how my username was created 😀