Between Honesty and Fakery

The world is full of hypocrites. Yep! I said it and there’s no nicer way to put it.

I dislike hypocrites. Probably one of the things I hate in this world. They are people who say one thing but does another. They talk and talk but never walk the walk. Unfortunately, I’m surrounded by a number of people who falls in this category. Even if I have the option to get rid of these people in my life, it’s not easy since an aspect of my life would be affected and it currently goes hand in hand. It’s an everyday battle that simply makes me angry at myself. Because to survive meant I have to tolerate such hypocrisy by feigning indifference or acting like nothing is wrong.

One thing that really infuriates me to the core is how people would pretend to “genuinely” agree with you then once you show your back that’s when the 3-headed monsters appear. They don’t really agree with you. They just don’t want to appear selfish or bad or unreasonable.


I am a very straightforward person, but I am not mean nor do I have any intentions to hurt. I do sometimes become brutally frank, but those are situations wherein I got fed up so I say things as I feel at the moment. But because of this attitude of mine, I don’t hold grudges and easily forgives once everything is settled and apologies are made. Always, after an outburst of emotion, I do feel guilty once the heat of the moment dies down and I’m able to contemplate on what I’ve said… how I could have said things differently or used a different word or just plain sugar coat things.

It’s very stressing. Really!

You know how people say that they prefer the truth more than the lies? How they say that they can handle the truth?


It’s a lie! NO ONE can really handle the truth. I, who consider myself a straightforward person, is sensitive to the truth. However, but because of my blunt personality, I am able to appreciate (once I get over the hurt) the person who is brave enough to tell the truth in my face. I get hurt. I may even cry, but that’s it. It’s normal. The truth will always hurt if you are guilty of something. That’s just the way it is. Whether or not a person tells the truth “as a matter of fact” or “under a pile of sugar”, the truth will always sting where it should. It is how a person is able to handle the truth that reveals the fine line between personal maturity and utter ignorance.

I just wish people would just be upfront with their feelings instead of just talking about it behind someone’s back. Misunderstandings occur because of such misgivings. An unresolved issue will just fester and consume a person into negativity.


It’s not easy being honest… but it’s always better than being fake.


Reality Rants #2

Do you have friends who are friendly with you only because their “happy” with you? I’m sure most of us do.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, they’re not so friendly anymore. So you ask yourself why? What happened?

One day you learned the reason you did something that person didn’t like!

No, you didn’t do anything to him/her personally. You aren’t mean to that person or said something really insulting about that person. That person just saw something he/she didn’t like about you, which made him/her decide that he/she is no longer happy and starts avoiding you.

No explanation. Nothing!

Well in truth, it really wouldn’t be such a big deal, except…

…they call themselves a “Friend”.

LESSON: Not all you consider a friend feels the exact same way about you.



People use people.
It doesn’t matter if he/she are close friends or just mere acquaintances.
There would be certain points in their life that they would use each other for their own personal gain.

It’s a fact of life.
A fact that people won’t admit in themselves, for to use the word in relationship with someone we call a friend is just all kinds of wrong.

But then we use our loved ones too. The people we so dear.
Our parents? Our siblings? Our cousins? We use them. We use them almost the same way they would use us.

But then who really cares anyway? It’s just how this shady world works…

An Unfortunate Experience at PAUL

Last Monday (March 4), me and my friend/co-worker/fellow blogger Janel had lunch together in Villagio Mall. It was nothing out of the ordinary since we do eat there during breaks but because we both have a craving for sweets that day and everyday we decided to look for stores that sells just that.

First store we thought of was Starbucks, but unfortunately found nothing that we liked to try. Then we went to Paul, which is a bakery restaurant we’ve never tried before, where we saw a variety of mouthwatering desserts that tempted us to buy right on the spot.


However, we remembered that Dean and Delluca sells delicious pastries as well so we hold our cravings for Paul’s desserts for a while longer and went to check on Dean and Delluca.

As expected, we saw a number of pretty looking cakes at Dean and Delluca.


Unable to choose what to buy, I asked one of the staff which cake is their best seller and was told that their Cheesecake and Carrot Cake sells the best. We also get to have a taste of the carrot cake for FREE!


Personally the taste was good. I would eat it but not crave for it, and it’s only because I’m not a fan of carrot cakes. Anyway, Janel also feels the same so she ended up buying the strawberry shortcake instead.

Since I didn’t buy anything from Dean and Delluca, we went back to Paul and decided to eat there… and this is where the unfortunate experience happened. I’m no longer going to write the experience in detail but I’ll tell only that I encountered a rather ill-mannered staff.

As a first time customer I expected a better first impression. The Paul Bakery Restaurant has a very nice, vintage feel to it and being a new customer adds to my excitement. Unfortunately, good things are sometimes marred by bad things — in this case, a particular staff. Anyway, to describe her attitude, she was unaccomodating, unsmiling and disrespectful. She asked for my order in a way that made me feel “that I should hurry because she she doesn’t want to be bothered”. She gave me the wrong pastry I ordered and loudly told the waiter that I told her that THIS is what I ordered when in fact THAT is what I ordered. Anyway, it was a bad experience and Janel, Ate Earl (friend/co-worker who met us at Paul) and I asked one of the nice waiter one of their cards where customers write comments about their dining experience. We could have called the manager (I know that) but we hope this alone would make her realize what she did. Hopefully, she won’t do the same to others.

Ok, I don’t want to end this on a bad note so these are what we ordered.

Lemon Meringue Tart
Lemon Meringue Tart
Chocolate Shake
Chocolate Shake
Chocolate Shake (Top View)
Chocolate Shake (Top View)

And yes I still would like to eat at Paul Bakery Restaurant. There are still a lot of pastries to try. Maybe I’ll check out the one in Landmark Mall instead.

The Menu
The Menu