That Day We Wore Stripes

In short, My BIRTHDAY!!!

I have to say this year’s birthday was better than the last one (thank God!), even if the celebration itself was kind of a last minute decision. To friends, they know that what I had in mind was just a simple lunch treat, mainly because I’m too lazy to plan a party. No need to worry about preparations, decorations, and invitations. All I need is just enough moolah for a fine dining experience with 3 of my closest friends.

… That is until my dad gave me money… To celebrate, he said. His gift for me, he said.

Who says no to that? Haha! 😀

Well regardless of my added wealth, I still find the idea of preparing a party exhausting. I’m a lazy panda for such of thing. What I did decide, however, was dandandan to add more friends to my lunch treat, which everybody seems to agree to. Not that that surprises me. Ha!

So to choose a place that would appeal to my added guests, what better place to choose from than WOK of FAME in Villagio Mall.


Basically, I picked the place because of their Eat-All-You-Can Menu (cater style). I wanted my guests to freely select the food they want to eat, just as how it would be like if it was a real party I have prepared for. Also, the fact that the place is within Villagio Mall makes it convenient for my guests, since most of them work inside the mall and are still on duty.

My first guests (my baby <3 is here)
My first guests (my baby is here).
More has arrived. My cousin was able to make it. :D
Second batch. My cousin was able to make it. 😀
The Cinema/D'Lush Boys
The Cinema/D’Lush Boys
More friends has arrived. :)
More friends have arrived. 🙂

All in all, it was a pleasant experience. The food was delicious. It was unfortunate I wasn’t able to take a picture of the banquet table. I was so full and satisfied like everybody else (or so they say. LOL!). The celebration in itself was a success considering it was a first for me to do this. Majority of my past birthdays are mostly prepared by my mom. She loves cooking, and I miss her food, but my mom’s not here with me, so it’s primarily up to me to decide what to do. Thank you daddy for your gift. 😀

Surprises from the D'Lush/Cinema Boys and my Baby <3 )
Surprises from the D’Lush/Cinema Boys and my Baby

On another note, it was funny how “Birthday” was spelled wrong on my chocolate cake. I was having second thoughts on posting a picture of that one, but what the heck! 😀


Iron Man Experience

The much-anticipated movie, Iron Man, has finally reached Qatar cinema. My family (consists mainly of my dad and cousins) were so excited that despite the long queue for Iron Man movie tickets, we decided to watch it on its second day of showing a FRIDAY! The lines were so long and crowded you might think it would never end.

This is not even half of it. :))
This is not even half of it. 🙂

We arrived at 2:50PM and decided to watch the 3:45PM schedule. However, the nearer we get to the counter, tickets for every scheduled time becomes sold-out. 3:45PM… 4:30PM… 5:30PM… 6:30PM… 8:15PM —ALL SOLD OUT! Luckily, I guess when we reached the counter, there were still four seats left at the 4:30PM schedule, and we decided to take it even if we have to crane our necks up since we’re going to be sitting in the very first row.

No movie watching is complete without some good, old popcorn! (caramel flavor)
No movie watching is complete without some good, old popcorn! (caramel flavor)


First of all, hats off to Robert Downey Jr. for he is just FANTASTIC! He epitomizes Tony Stark/Iron man so well that he’s just perfect. He’s just like what Johnny Depp is to his Captain Jack Sparrow character. I probably won’t be able to see anyone else play the part.

As for the movie, it was a 100% entertaining.  I especially love the funny and awkward moments — they add that certain spice and charm that is very unique to this particular Marvel movie that I don’t feel with the other Marvel ones.

I like the annoying stupidity of the characters sometimes, Tony Stark included (of course!), and the unexpected twist concerning the eccentric villains. I also like the coolness of having more than one Iron Man suit — that was really splendid.

On the other hand, SPOILER ALERT: I still can’t get over the fact that he destroyed all his Iron Man creation. WHY would he do that?!? Will there be no more Iron Man movies? Is it the final one? Cause that is seriously NOT COOL! I have to admit that among all Marvel movies, Iron Man is my favorite.

Anyway, if you haven’t watch it, I suggest you do. Plus don’t forget to finish it until the end credits. Why? There’s an amusing conversation between Tony Stark and Dr. Banner (aka THE HULK) at the very end. Apparently, Tony Stark thinks he’s talking to a shrink, which is kind of funny because not only is Dr. Banner not one, but he is also not listening. HAHAHA!

So overall, on a scale of 1 to 5, I give it 5 stars! Ok, I’m biased! 🙂

To complete my Iron Man experience! A picture with My Man! I meant, Iron Man! Teehee!
To complete my Iron Man experience! A picture of My Man! I meant, Iron Man! Teehee!

A Day of Food and Nothing but Food!

Thank God it’s Friday! Friday has never been so enjoyable until I worked here in Qatar. It’s my rest day.. my day off from work. It’s like what Saturday is in the Philippines.

I woke up late as usual, which is how I like it, then got invited by my dad to go eat out instead of cooking at home. My sister, cousin and I were of course in agreement. We are all too lazy to do anything at Fridays except to eat and relax all day. We decided to eat at Korean Garden Restaurant which is a place we all enjoy eating at. We love the food there so imagine our disappointment when we saw that it was still closed when we arrived. It’s already 11AM for crying out loud! Oh well, I guess we forgot it was Friday and most restaurants, malls (etc.) open in the afternoon.

Anyway, we ended up having our brunch at Papa Johns. We ordered Papa’s Club Salad (which is mostly eaten by my dad and sister), Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks (a favorite of ours), Papa’s House Pasta (we changed the pasta into penne), a Family Pizza (half Hawaiian and half All The Meats), and 4 Fruit Cocktail Juices. This is what happens when we try to have both breakfast and lunch in one sitting. Hahaha!


When we got home, it was already 12:30PM, and there was a box of Dunkin Donuts on the table! Obviously time for Dessert!


An hour later, my cousin started preparing for work (her Friday is not an off day for her. hahaha!), my sister ironed our clothes, my dad went back to printing documents from his laptop, while yours truly slept for 3o minutes and watched Season 8 of House online. I told you Friday is my lazy day, and it’s a great thing I did my general cleaning the previous Friday. LOL!

At 2:30PM, however, my sister and I decided to go to Villagio Mall after she finishes ironing the clothes. We left at 4pm and did a little shopping, and since the walk tired as a bit, we went to the food court and had ice cream at a Cold Stone. I ordered a cookie ice cream which I forgot the name while my sister ordered a large size of Oreo Overload.

My cookie icecream!
My cookie ice cream!

We also went to Wok of Fame for some light dinner. Or so we thought…

Sydney Crepe
Sydney Crepe

My sister also ordered Watermelon Bubble tea while I opted for water instead. Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of her pink drink!.

So in conclusion, I probably gained 10 pounds that day… Hitting the gym tomorrow!!! 🙂

5 Closet Items I Currently Love

I don’t consider myself a fashionista. My choice of clothing varies a lot and may depend on the occasion or the kind of mood I’m in. I can go from just wearing t-shirt and jeans to something more photoshoot worthy. Nowadays my everyday look is my white nurse uniform which I wear to work 6 times in a week, but in our day-off during Fridays, if I ever feel like it, I go out and wear something nice for a change (not that I consider my uniform terrible. hahaha!). In those days, where I practically put more effort into achieving the look I want, there are some items I would be wearing that gets noticed or complimented on. Usually, I would be asked where I bought them. Anyhow, below are some of the items that I wore here in Qatar that took a minute of celebrity fame from the public.



When I came here in Qatar last October 2011, winter is almost at its door. The air was no longer humid but was already taking on a more refreshing breeze. Because of that, this top became my favorite item to wear, especially when going to places like Katara and Pearl Qatar or when fine-dining with family. I bought this in a boutique named GET LAUD in the Philippines. The clothing material is thick enough for me to not feel much of the cold air at night but also not too thick for me to feel sweaty while the sun’s out. I mostly love combining it with my favorite skinny jeans and black wedges.

Here's me wearing it while we were sight-seeing at Pearl Qatar.
Here’s me wearing it while sight-seeing at Pearl Qatar with family.


20130330-004411.jpgI don’t have a lot of accessories especially here in Qatar. I probably was only able to bring my watch, a couple of earrings and some bangle bracelets and the one above. For me, the purpose of having accessories is to add something catchy or colorful in a plain-looking outfit or an uninteresting tee. Lately, I realized I had a lot of black and pink collared and plain t-shirts and that cuff bracelet is perfect enough to add a difference to my simple get-up.



I’ve only owned two boots in my life and both of them I bought and worn here in Qatar, but among the 2 of them, this one is my favorite. Not only does it get noticed a lot every time I wore them, but it also makes me feel chic and stylish. I originally wanted the khaki-colored ones, but unfortunately, nothing is left of my size, so I ended up buying this maroon one. I bought these pair at Marks & Spencer in Villagio Mall.



Imagine going to a store to window shop and accidentally found a pair of on-sale pants that is priced too cheap you have to look twice, ask a colleague if your seeing it right, and also ask the shop staff if they didn’t priced it wrong. These tie-dyed pants is an example of that. Bought at PULL & BEAR at an unbelievable price of 19QR (formerly 125), these pants for me is a perfect example of a great bargain!



The one that inspired me to write this post. Bought this at an online shop for 100QR last February, I finally got to wear them for the first time last Friday. It was cute and comfortable to wear. The softness of the material won’t leave unwanted calluses on your feet. Anyway, I was window shopping at Landmark Mall when 3 women in abaya came to me and complimented me on my shoes. They asked where I bought them and told them I bought them online. Of course, they were disappointed. They surely must have been expecting that I bought it somewhere in a mall.

So there you have it! The 5 items in my closet I currently love. So what do you think? 🙂

An Unfortunate Experience at PAUL

Last Monday (March 4), me and my friend/co-worker/fellow blogger Janel had lunch together in Villagio Mall. It was nothing out of the ordinary since we do eat there during breaks but because we both have a craving for sweets that day and every day we decided to look for stores that sell just that.

The first store we thought of was Starbucks, but unfortunately found nothing that we liked to try. Then we went to Paul, which is a bakery restaurant we’ve never tried before, where we saw a variety of mouthwatering desserts that tempted us to buy right on the spot.


However, we remembered that Dean and Deluca sell delicious pastries as well, so we held our cravings for Paul’s desserts for a while longer and went to check on Dean and Deluca.

As expected, we saw some pretty looking cakes at Dean and Deluca.


Unable to choose what to buy, I asked one of the staff which cake is their best seller and was told that their Cheesecake and Carrot Cake sells the best. We also get to have a taste of the carrot cake for FREE!


Personally, the taste was good. I would eat it but not crave for it, and it’s only because I’m not a fan of carrot cakes. Anyway, Janel also feels the same, so she ended up buying the strawberry shortcake instead.

Since I didn’t buy anything from Dean and Deluca, we went back to Paul and decided to eat there… and this is where the unfortunate experience happened. I’m no longer going to write the experience in detail, but I’ll tell only that I encountered a rather ill-mannered staff.

As a first time customer, I expected a better first impression. The Paul Bakery Restaurant has a lovely, vintage feel to it and being a new customer adds to my excitement. Unfortunately, good things are sometimes marred by bad things — in this case, a particular staff. Anyway, to describe her attitude, she was unaccommodating, unsmiling and disrespectful. She asked for my order in a way that made me feel “that I should hurry because she doesn’t want to be bothered.” She gave me the wrong pastry I ordered and loudly told the waiter that I said to her that THIS is what I ordered when in fact THAT is what I ordered. Anyway, it was a bad experience and Janel, Ate Erl and I asked one of the friendly waiters one of their cards where customers write comments about their dining experience. We could have called the manager (I know that), but we hope this alone would make her realize what she did. Hopefully, she won’t do the same to others.

Ok, I don’t want to end this on a sad note, so these are what we ordered.

Lemon Meringue Tart
Lemon Meringue Tart
Chocolate Shake
Chocolate Shake
Chocolate Shake (Top View)
Chocolate Shake (Top View)

And yes I still would like to eat at Paul Bakery Restaurant. There are still a lot of pastries to try. Maybe I’ll check out the one in Landmark Mall instead.

The Menu
The Menu