FEB Day 1 : Favorite Place

Here it is! Day 1 – and my favorite place is…

This may be such a cliche answer to everyone but there will never be a better place for me but my home back in the Philippines. Home is where the heart as the saying goes and sayings are shaped based on truth.

There may be a place where we go to because we find it relaxing or a place we like because we have fond memories of it. Or a place we find beautiful because of its great great scenery, however; all these things, are for me, all found at home. So cliche or no, my home is my favorite place in the world!

Particularly, as I am living away from home, I really get to miss it a lot more.  😦



Journal Prompt for the month of Love

Dear February,

How have you been? Thank you for dropping by to see me. You know how you’re always welcome. And your yearly offering of another year to my age doesn’t even bother me anymore. In fact, I am grateful.

After all, if Christmas makes me feel the most joyous; and the New Year, the most wondrous; You’re that one time of the year where I feel the most precious. Who wouldn’t want that kind of feeling?

So come see me every year love. 

Hearts and Kisses,

❤ purplemunchkim ❤

PS: In your honor, I’ll be doing this Journal Prompt for you. It’s not a very recent one, but I think you’ll find it to your liking… Because I did. 😀

from: LIFE of LOVELY

As This Year Ends

Today, the last day of 2013, I am going to let go and say goodbye to this year. As I’ve said, this year is not for me, but I am ready to leave it all behind, and finally move forward. I will carry with me, in my mind and heart, the good memories with the people who cares and the important lessons I’ve learned in my darkest hours.


And now, as I welcome 2014 with more optimism and promise, I would not just wish for it to be a better year… I will make it a better one.

Happy New Year Everyone!

DAY 30: Favorite and Least Favorite Memory of This Year

2013 was not particularly good to me. To those who have followed my blog since day 1 will know of this, for I have posted a lot of “emo” posts during my down moments.

The first 8 months was a dark period. I was stressed. I was depressed. I had huge fights with my dad. All of this because I fell in love with a man society deemed unworthy of me. Needless to say, the relationship ended. I was angry and in so much pain. I was left bitter from it all.

As for my favorite memory, I’m afraid this year has had more bad than good, that it’s not easy to pick a favorite.

I’m hoping this coming year would be better. I pray it would be a happier one, especially now that I’m learning to be happy again. Especially now that I’m loving again…

DAY 29: Something I Can’t Live Without

Can I be literal here? Cause I seriously can’t live without clean air, food and water. No? Ok let me see…

Internet? No, I don’t think that’s right. I’m a 90’s kid and I’ve lived most of my life without internet and I was doing fine. Lipgloss? Mobile phones? Television? Computer? Ah, but I’ve never really put too much stock on them. How about money?  No siree! In fact I do wish it didn’t exist! Hmph!

Aaaahhh! I know now… Books.


A world without the existence of books. That would be a sad world indeed.